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10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Less Complicated (Part 1)

To make your relationship uncomplicated, YOU have to be uncomplicated. Here are 10 ways to do so.

Would you call yourself a couple If you do not do these 8 things together?

Every relationship needs simplicity and ease, so this post is going to be some very sound and heartfelt advice on the things that will help you uncomplicate yourself and sequentially uncomplicate your relationship. I hope you enjoy the read and then apply it. Let’s begin.

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  1. It all starts with you, respecting yourself: Respect and love are two things you need to give yourself before anyone else even before you think about being in a relationship. If you respect and love yourself enough, you are less complicated than the average Nigerian.
  2. Stop Competing With The World: You need to take life as it comes which is one step at a time. You don’t owe anything to anyone. Being satisfied with yourself and your healthy choices is of the utmost importance.
  3. Embrace Your Flaws: You should learn to embrace your flaws as much as you embrace your qualities. Whether you like it or not, your flaws are a part of who you are and once you truly embrace and accept your flaws whole-heartedly, no one can ever use them against you.
  4. Embrace the flaws of Others: If you have already accepted yourself as flawed, it will be easier to accept the flaws of your partner. Don’t try changing your partner, don’t point out their flaws only and ignore their good qualities in the process. Accept your partner with all of their pros and cons.
  5. Don’t judge people: When you have accepted your flaws and that of others, it is easier to keep your judgements to yourself. Accepting your partners’ flaws means you will stop judging and start accepting and loving.
  6. Give importance to your actions: Never let yourself think that you’re beneath anyone else in the world no matter where they might be in life, no matter how much you think they are worth.
  7. Do not forget yourself: It is a good thing to care about your partner but you’ll complicate your relationship if you forget yourself in the process. Always remember how important you are to yourself.
  8. You don’t have to be right always: You need to realise the fact that you’re only human and you can make mistakes too, it’s only natural. Never think of yourself too high and that you think you can never make a mistake. This can complicate a relationship.
  9. Think before you act: Before you take any action, no matter how big or small, always ask yourself “Is this going to hurt anyone?”. Never intentionally do anything to hurt anyone or make anyone sad because of your own actions, karma will find its way to you and when it does, it really hurts.
  10. Start showing love: Actions really do speak louder than words and it’s on another level if your actions match your words in the same energy that they’re said.


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