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10 Ways To Impress a Girl Over Text Messages or Chatting

Single Uncle, Yes you. I think you should read this.

10 ways to impress a girl over text messages or chatting

Single fellas, today is the day. Are you ready for tips on how to impress that girl you’ve been eyeing? You know how you are always at a loss on how to text, what to text, how to respond, when to respond etc. Well, I am here for you today. Just you. So shift away from any distractions and place your entire focus on this post.

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  1. SEND YOUR TEXT MESSAGES OFF IN THE NIGHT Some ladies are not okay with texting or responding to chats in the night. So you have to know her time zones first. But if she is, what you want to do is get the conversation started and keep it going until she’s actually slipping into bed. What this does for you is make you the last thing on her mind before she sleeps and the first when she awakes.

    Everyone has their busy times and it is best to lay off the texting during the time she is occupied. If she is working, you need to lay low with the text messages until she lets you know she is free. NOTE: If she likes you, she will let you know.

  3. SHORT IS SWEETIf you guys are just starting to know each other, short is the way to go. Too much at once will get her to step way back and we do not want that, do we?  Bros, what that means is no too much story.
  4. GET INTERESTED FAST IN WHAT SHE LOVESAfter a few days, you should start learning the facts about her life because when you show genuine interest in her, she will open up to you. If you do not do the needful, you have no power to impress her and if you cannot impress small impress, what is your gain, Sir?
  5. A PET NAME CAN COME IN HANDYGive that babe a pet name and you will make her feel special, unique. However, you need to taste the waters before you jump in. Drop the name like twice in a day first, if she is not aversed to it, Ride on Oga mi.
  6. BE EMOJI SAVVYThe percentage of ladies who do not like receiving emojis are very few. So occasionally send a smiley face with a few kisses to make her heart flutter. Just be giving it to her light but make sure it is consistent because if you start using them and suddenly stop, she’s going to naturally wonder why.
  7. TEXTING SHOULD ALWAYS BE FUNSee ehn, we know you are deep but please for this particular task, be surface abeg. You need playful and funny texts that will draw her out especially when you do it right. Seriousness every time will most likely make her bored.
  8. CHILL ON THE ZESTOne of the greatest mistakes you can make when trying to impress a girl is to be too eager. If you are texting all the time, you will seem too available and too eager and that’s a definite turn off. And please chill on the use of lame old pickup lines in your messages, you are going to pursue her.
  9. MEMES WILL GIVE LIFEYou need to update your gallery of memes and gif’s. Those things will give your chatting life. It can be used to lighten the mood. Memes will allow her to interpret it however she likes and then most likely reply with a smiley of hers.
  10. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STAND OUT FROM OTHER GUYSIf you think you are the only one chatting with her, you are sleeping on a stable bicycle and you will soon fall down. Just know in your mind and soul that you have Number. Our goal is to move you to Number 1 and let you remain there.So, First – You need to approach her in a light and funny way so she is interested and wants to know more.

    Second – You’ve got to authenticate yourself and show her you are confident and secure in yourself. Women love confident men.

    Third – You need to make her feel special.

    Fourth – Show her you are special. Showcase to her what’s so special about you and show her why she should be with her.

Do these things and you will be at the Number 1 spot in her life before you can read my full name.


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