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10 Unmissable Attractions in Nigeria Part 1

Here are 10 attractions that Nigeria offers you.

10 Unmissable Attractions in Nigeria Part 1

Nigeria has unlimited attractions to offer visitors, whether you’re a  visitor or you live here. Here are unmissable sites across Nigeria that you have to travel so that you can say you truly live or lived here. Whatever the case might be, Nigeria has got you covered all the way.

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  1. Idanre Hills: This natural wonder is about 800 years old. and its magic includes a diverse landscape, 667 steps, hand-writings on rocks, as well as an ancient civilization with gripping myths and legends around its existence.

  2. Kajuru Castle: This Bavarian-style castle that is complete with an armory and a dungeon is set atop one of the Kaduna mountains. Its ancient architecture and natural surroundings are a sight to behold.

  3. Zuma Rock: Zuma Rock was once upon a time an idol and a fortress in war. The magnificent rock stands at about 725 feet and is visible from the Abuja-Kaduna expressway.

  4. Olumo Rock: This is another historically significant formation as the rock was reputed to be a formidable refuge during wartime in the 19th-century.The city where it is found literally means “under the rock.”

  5. Gurara Waterfalls: Gurara Waterfalls is named after two gods and is a fantastic spot to see wildlife or go fishing in the Gurara River. Gurara Waterfalls is an offshoot of the River Niger.

  6. Gashaka Gumti National Park: This is where you’ll find Chappal Waddi which is the highest peak in Nigeria. It has a wide range of exotic wildlife and various impressive natural terrains.

  7. Ancient Kano City Walls: The walls are a national monument and historically notable landmark. The walls are approximately 1,000-year-old and they gave invaders a good fight in the 20th century and still stand tall to tell the tale.

  8. Millennium Park: The largest park situated in Maitama in Abuja, the capital city, has vast greenery and Italian architectural design that attract thousands of visitors each day.

  9. Sukur Cultural Landscape: This famous iron smelting civilization has a set of remarkable dry stone architecture, farmlands, paved walkways, and a palace as evidence of what is left if that great time.

  10. Oshun-Osogbo Sacred Grove: This grove stands as the last sacred grove in Nigeria and it is the home of Osun who is the Yoruba goddess of fertility. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove is lined with shrines, sculptures, and works of art in honour of ancient Yoruba religion and tradition.



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