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10 Travel Tips that Naija Road Travelers can Apply

Travel tips for the next time you are traveling within Nigeria by road

10 Travel Tips that Naija Road Travelers can Apply

I know you think you have read all the travel tips that you’ll need for the rest of your life but do you have travel tips for when you travel within Nigeria? You know that ordinary office journey is stressful enough, now think about going on an actual trip by road and how much stress that would be.

That is why I am here to give you 10 tips you will need for the Naija kind of travel.

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  • Always leave a clean house: You will not understand how important this is until you return with aches and dust all over you and no power whatsoever to clean. The best thing to do for yourself is to clean your house and put all in order before you leave.
  • Know the designated bus parks and time schedule beforehand: Don’t just carry your bag on the D-Day and head out. It might not end well. What I will advise is that you visit the parks around you and confirm if the bus to your destination leaves from there and the exact time it will. There are also popular buses like GIGM and Peace Motors who have these information on their websites.
  • Pack all your valuables and essentials in your carry-on: In other to avoid stories that have to do with breaking, spilling or missing, it is advisable to have all that is important to you with you. Having them put it at the back is not safe and it is also prone to damage.

  • Have enough money for ‘Stop and Eat’: Travelling along Nigerian road means there will be different stops that will allow you to grab a bite. It can be real food or snacks, it is really up to you. The key factor is having enough money to buy.
  • Pack liquid in an airtight bag away from all clothing: We all know the condition of the Nigerian road and how potholes are as common as anything. In order to avoid spills when or if you are carrying liquid of any sort, put them in an airtight bag first.
  • Place all shoes in nylons or plastic bags to protect and minimise odour: This one is self-explanatory. Not only for their sake but for yours too as we all know the power of crayfish and stockfish.

  • If shopping is on your agenda, pack an empty bag: It is better to take a bag you are not using from home than to buy another one that you’ll end not using after that day. It saves you money.
  • Carry a lightweight scarf or sweater: Even though it might be the dry season, road trips have been known to get chilly especially in the early morning or late night.
  • Wear Slip-Ons: Slip-Ons give you less hassle when travelling. They also allow you to remove and wear as you please when on the bus.
  • Have Fun: Road trips are one of a kind and you should make the most of them. Take pictures, meet new people and explore.



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