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10 Tips to Stay Madly in Love With Your Partner

Do you want the fire of love in your relationship to burn continuously? Oya read this post well.

10 Tips to Stay Madly in Love With Your Partner

See ehn, this relationship parole is not beans. Some times it is like stone sef, just too hard for some people because work has to go into it and not small work o. Like everyday kind of work if you want it to be as you have dreamed or envisioned it.

We want to dash you some small tips that can help you make the work a little bit easy, help your relationship blossom and make your partner extremely grateful that they have you as a partner.

Are you ready?

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  1. Be Loving: Start and end your day with you acting or saying something loving. Not every time, have you eaten? Sometimes have the food delivered. You will not die if you show love through actions.
  2. Show gratitude: Thank your partner for what they do and who they are especially to you. Tell them how much you are grateful for them. Just send a message right now via Whatsapp saying Thank You.
  3. Don’t take their emotions for granted: Acknowledge what your partner is feeling or feels at any given time. They are the ones feeling a certain way, not you. Their emotions are valid so stop taking it for granted.
  4. Encourage your partner: When your partner is going through a downtime, you should help them up. Encourage them, cuddle them, love them out of it.
  5. Do not count scores: If you did not know, let me tell you now, they will not give you a medal for keeping scores of how many times your partner did something wrong. In fact, you are hurting yourself and your relationship by keeping scores.
  6. Tell your partner they are fine: Whether Male or Female, you have to appreciate the beauty that is your partner. Some days, just send voice note hailing him or her as to how fine God made them.
  7. Make time for one another: Whether it is a date night or couch day, whatever it is, make out time for each other. Do not allow yourself get into a rut where your relationship is concerned.
  8. Be patient: Nobody is perfect and we all will err at one point or the other where our relationship is concerned. So allow your partner to be human, let him or her make mistakes as long as they are willing to grow and not repeat it again
  9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: I had to spell this one out because some of you don’t understand how much this is important in a relationship. Respect in a relationship looks very much like love and it is applicable to all parties involved.
  10. Read from Number 1 again: I know I said 10 but I need you to re-read this post from the top because you definitely need it and also because I don’t have a Number 10.

Continue to love and prosper.


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