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10 Times Mercy Aigbe Killed it in Casual Outfits

10 Times Mercy Aigbe Killed it in Casual Outfits

Actress and businesswoman, Mercy Aigbe, is one of the few actresses who many now see as a fashion icon. the mom of two over the years has proved just how fashionable she is and how much she loves good clothes.

Mercy is known for always bringing the heat on every red carpet she poses on, actually on and off the red carpet.

paking on her taste in fashion, the actress said in an interview that;

“When it comes to my taste, I try to be very simple and not overdo it. I can say I am in between. I am not a very simple person and at the same time, I try not to go overboard. I don’t wear things that don’t suit me; I wear thing that I am comfortable in”

On how long it takes her to dress up, the kom of two said in the interview that;

It depends on where I am going. If I am going to a party, it will take me longer. Basically, I’ll say it takes me about an hour to get dressed. The funny part of it is that if I have somewhere to go, the night before, I’ll bring out like three clothes and some shoes to choose from. So, it makes it easier for me the next morning.

Mercy who now owns a boutique and other fashion businesses once revealed her reason fior going into the business. Speaking with Encomium, she said;

Left to me, I went into fashion business because of my love for it. I have always been a business oriented person. “Even before I started acting, I had a business. I can’t say for sure why other colleagues of mine are going into business but all I can say is that it’s very good for one to expand his or her forte, have more than one source of income

Here are 10 times she has slayed in causal outfits.









6. 10 Times Mercy Aigbe Killed it in Casual Outfits






10. 10 Times Mercy Aigbe Killed it in Casual Outfits


We haven’t seen any diva in the movie industry slaying as much Mercy, do you have any one in mind? Let’s read from you in the comment box below. Thanks


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