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10 Things You Should not Demand from your Partner

Your partner is not in the relationship to obey your every whim. Here are 10 things not to demand ever

10 Things You Should not Demand from your Partner

One of the good things about Relationships is it brings out all of your insecurities and flaws and turns them into strengths.

For a relationship to work and be strong, you need to understand that there are certain things you should not demand from your partner. Are you ready to check it out? Let’s begin.

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  1. They Should Always Compromise: Relationships are of course about sacrifices and compromises but it only works when it is balanced. You can’t expect them to always compromise or demand that they do. They can and should not always sacrifice for your happiness.
  2. They Shouldn’t Be Always Expressive: Being expressive with each other is one of the key components of a healthy relationship. Never think that your partner should keep some feelings to themselves just because it makes them seem weak in front of you.  That actually says a lot about you than it does about them.
  3. The Relationship Must Work Out: One of the most bitter truths of life is that not all relationships will work out. You just might not be meant for each other no matter how much you try to be and you cannot force someone to be with you in a relationship that is not working.
  4. They Need To Change For Me: I have said it on different occasions in different posts, Nobody will change unless that want to. You cannot constantly expect or ask them to change for you.
  5. They should not be busy where you are concerned: Sure, your partner should not be too busy for you but the truth is life sometimes get in the way with work, immediate and extended family, friends etc. For example, your significant other can be in a business meeting, at work, with family, it’s perfectly normal. You need to get a grip on yourself.
  6. They’re All Mine: If you think that being in a relationship means you two should be the centre of each other’s universe, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. They are not all yours to do as you like and it is selfish of you to think so.
  7. They Should Fix All Of Your Problems: Your partner is not the lifter of all of your troubles and you should not demand it from them. If they are willing to give it to you, that is very fine.  The relationship isn’t only about “you” or “your problems”.
  8. They should make it very Easy: Nothing in life comes easy and it should not be your partners’ sole responsibility to make anything easy for you. If you are facing difficult situations in your relationship, face them together.
  9. They should Forgive: Forgiving someone is one of the most stress-relieving and fulfilling things in the world but it can not be demanded. It is usually freely given if not, it cannot count as forgiveness.


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