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10 Things You Should Know as a SEUN KUTI fan

Seun is the youngest son of Afrobeat legend Fela Antikulapo Kuti. Born Oluseun Antikulapo Kuti on 11 January 1983 in Nigeria, the Nigerian singer is an atheist and also the lead singer of his father’s former band, Egypt 80.

Kuti who is an activist spoke on his activism in an interview sharing his thoughts on today’s revolutionaries.

 To be free, you and me, they’ll never see the last revolutionary

In the world today, I believe that every person that stands for fairness, and that stands on the side of humanity and nature, is a revolutionary.

The elite that rule the world are ultimately violent people; violence is the only thing they control completely. It’s impossible for them to win an ideological battle, so this is where we have to fight—on the front where they are weak. We have to place the fight in the sphere of ideology and let humanity speak for itself. Their system will speak for itself as well, and the result will not be the same as their propaganda or their narrative.  Let’s realize that 80% of the world live in hunger today. We’ve been living in this system for over a century and a half now, and it has kept 80% of humanity in hunger. Human rights are being abused daily and are covered up by excuses like “state security”.

Here are 10 things you should know as a fan of his.

1. He was born Oluseun Antikulapo Kuti on 11 January 1983 in Nigeria and is an atheist.

2. Seun was born to Afrobeats legend Fela Antikulapo Kuti.

3. At the age of 9, Seun told his father that he will like to sing not long after, he began to perform with his father and the band.

4. Seun became the lead singer of his father’s former band, Egypt 80 at the age of 14.

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6. In the 1990’s, he was arrested a couple of times alongside the founder of the Afrobeat movement.

7. He is an atheist.

8. Seun was featured in Calle 13’s song Todo se mueve (Everything Moves), on their 2010 album titled “Entren los que quieran”.

9. Seun welcomed a baby girl on the 16th of December 2013 with his girlfriend Yetunde George Ademiluyi. The child was named Ifafunmike Adara Anikulapo-Kuti.

10. He snagged a Grammy nomination in 2018 in the ‘World Music Award’ category but lost to Soweto Gospel Choir. He was nominated for his album ”Black Times”


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