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10 Things you Should Know About Veteran Actor Zack Orji

10 Things you Should Know About Veteran Actor Zack Orji

Nollywood veteran Zack Orji is one actor many respect and love. Since joining the movie world over two decades ago, the actor has starred in several top Nollywood movies that has earned him several nominations and awards

Here are 10 things you should know about Zack Orji

1. Zack Orji was born in Libreville, Gabon but grew up in three different places; Cameroon, Benin and Togo. He sold soft drinks and oranges to help with the family’s finances at a young age.

2. Orji has a degree in English and French as against medicine which his father wanted him to study. The actor speaks English and French fluently.

3. He ventured into shoe-making after graduation but stopped after his shop was burgled.

4. He joined Nollywood in 1991 and his first film is titled Unforgiven Sin.

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5. Zack Orji hit the limelight after he acted in the movie Glamour Girls and has since gone on to star in other top movies.

6. He is married to actress Ngozi Orji and the couple have 3 kids.

7. He was the former president of the Actors Guild Of Nigeria.

8. He is an ordained reverend at Power Line Bible Church

“I didn’t set out to be an ordained reverend. My bishop probably got inspired by God to ordain me. I worship with Power Line Bible Church under Bishop Lawrence Osagie, and he ordained me in 2012.”

“Even before my ordination, I had been receiving invitations from different places to come and minister. So when the offer came from my bishop to ordain me, I didn’t reject it. I took it wholeheartedly and I get excited when I have opportunity to speak to people, inspire them and draw them closer to God.”

9. He has a passion for music and has been recording songs since the 1980’s

10. His son Lionel is into music as well. On supporting his son’s music he said;

‘Everyone has the skill and talent that are embedded in them from God, the creator, and the only way we can achieve the purpose of our creation is by fulfilling the purpose that God created us for, which is to make use of what He has put in us and then bring it out for the benefit of our community. So when my son, Leo’nel said he wanted to go into media, I said fine I will give you all the support as long as you work hard to be the best.’

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