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10 Things you Should Know About Di’Ja

Her vocals are downright beautiful and since hitting out screens a few years ago, Di’Ja has come to become of many’s favourites.

In an interview years back, the singer spoke on her kind of music saying;

 I said I just became myself. I can write a song for 5 years. I still have songs that I haven’t finished writing since 2008. This is because there’s just this thing about been yourself. They won’t sound the same again. Some people kill themselves when they try to be like someone else. Some artistes go to a producer and say I love that Woju beat that Kiss Daniel sang on, I want something like that and then they don’t make a hit out of it like Kiss Daniel did. This is because you don’t know what mood Kiss Daniel was in when he was writing and recording Woju. So why not just be yourself and write your songs as they come from your heart. I like been crazy and I experiment my craziness while recording. Sometimes I would be like Altims or BabyFresh please commot that thing and they would be like they love it and I should do it again. Sometimes I would beg them to take it off and when Don Jazzy walks in I would be like a little disturbed and he would encourage me to be crazy, be free and be myself, he would say be stupid, it is actually trying to be stupid you find your smartest moment. Because it is during that moment of been stupid you would realize something that would pay off. I think Music comes with a form of madness. You just have to be free, crazy, stupid and yourself. Don’t try to please everyone, please yourself even if it takes you to be crazy.

Here are 10 things you should know about Di’Ja.

1. She was born on the 14th of August in Kaduna.

2. Her father whose name is Joe Blell was a former deputy minister of Sierra Leone and her mother is from Northern Nigeria, Zaria.

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3. The singer has two degrees, one in Biochemistry and the other in Psychology.

4. She started her music journey in 2008 after the release of her first single titled “Rock Steady”.

5. She snagged a deal with Marvin Records in  2013 but only made it known in 2014.

6. Di’Ja won the Best New Artist award at the Beat Music Awards in London in 2015.

7. She released her first official single “Yaro” in February 2014 under Marvin records.

8. The singer opened for Akon performance at Sierra Leone’s 49th Independence anniversary.

9. She is inspired with musicians like Lauren Hill, Bob Marley, The Everly Brothers, Tracy Chapman and Tupac Shakur for inspiration.

10. She is married with two kids and announced the arrival of her second kid via her IG page in 2018.

“Wow I now have TWO children now (a boy and a girl). Alhamdullilah. Ubangiji Allah sai Godiya. I’m the happiest woman alive. God bless my husband , mother, father, and my brother and his family @msfaddy..heck my whole family! My daughter came on 9th MARCH 2018.”

Speaking on motherhood during an interview with City FM she said’;

you already respect your mom, but you respect your mom like a hundred times more… And you also have another respect for being a chick, being a woman, so it’s a pretty cool, very very cool experience.’

On how she managed to keep her pregnancy private she said; It’s not really all of a sudden, I think it’s just more or less that we’re in a society where because everything is just out there, it’s no longer the norm to just chill and just keep moving.’

It wasn’t like an aim to do, I just kinda lived, like I just lived… Like I’m having too much fun, I forget to take pictures and I forget to post them, that’s just what really happened.’

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