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10 Things you Probably do not Know About Tyler Perry

10 Things you Probably do not Know About Tyler Perry

Ace movie maker and actor Tyler Perry turned 50 a couple of days ago and here are 10 things you probably do not know about him.

1. His father was a carpenter.

Born Tyler Perry or Emmitt Perry Jr. on September 13, 1969. The ace movie maker was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to parents Willie Maxine Perry and Emmitt Perry, Sr., a carpenter. Tyler also has 3 siblings.

2. He dropped out of high school

Tyler attended school with rapper Mystikal but dropped out. He, however, wrote his GED, later.

3. His father abused him a lot as a child.

4. He attempted suicide as a child due to the abuse from his father. His mother on her part, always took him to church where he felt some level of peace.

5. Tyler loves Jazz music, R & B, and Gospel music. His favorite movies include Aliens, The Wiz, The Color Purple, The Illusionist.

6. He was named Emmitt after his father but the actor later changed his name legally from Emmitt Perry Jr. to Tyler.

7. Oprah was an inspiration for him. Tyler watched an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in his 20’s where someone spoke on the positive effects of writing, which could bring about breakthroughs.

8. He is friends with celebrities to include; Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, Oliver Ripley, Jennifer Hudson, and Gayle King.

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9. Tyler directed his first movie, Madea’s Family Reunion, in 2006 and he was very nervous as he was not used to the camera work but soon got used to it.

10. Tyler has been with his model girlfriend Gelila Bekele for years. The couple have a son, Aman Tyler Perry.

Speaking about his son in an interview with Essence editors Cori Murray, Yolanda Sangweni, and Charli Penn for the Yes, Girl! podcast, Tyler shared his thoughts on fatherhood as well as his dreams for his son.

According to the filmmaker, he will allow his son be “all that he wants to be.” “[My dream] for him is to be the best that he can be. All that he wants to be, no matter what that is. In my mind what I would love to say is, ‘Here are the keys to the studio. I’ll be somewhere smoking a joint on an island, you go do this. I’m 80-years-old now, go do your thing. ‘ But, if that’s not his dream I just want whatever it is that he does to be special and amazing.”


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