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10 Things You Can Only Buy in Naija

Here are 10 things that you can only get within the Naija borders.

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10 Things You Can Only Buy in Naija! Being one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Africa, Nigeria in spite of globalization has some things that can only be found within its borders. Here are 10 of the best things only Naija can give you.

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  1. Aso Oke/Aso Ofi: This is a hand-woven material made in the southwestern part of Nigeria by the Yoruba people and the name is translated as ‘top cloth’. There are three major types, the Alaari. Sanyan and Etu.

  2. Wara: This is made from cow’s milk and it is a delicious cheese curd that is produced mostly in the small town of Wara, in Kwara State. The cheese curd is usually produced by the Hausa Fulani.

  3. Agbalumo: African Cherry, Udara or Agbalumo is not only delicious with a distinctive silky texture, but it also has various nutritional benefits.

  4. Nigerian Jollof Rice: Yes there is a mini fun war going on between Ghana and Nigeria about jollof rice in cyberspace known as the Jollof Rice Wars. To get a taste of the best locally made Nigerian Jollof rice, you would have to be in Naija, won’t you?

  5. Suya: Suya is barbecued beef (or chicken) that is seasoned with specially prepared ingredients sourced mostly from northern of part Nigeria. It is Naija’s all-time street food and it is only sold at dusk.

  6. Sculptures: The various ethnic groups in Nigeria have different local artists that create sculptures which are unique to their ethnicity. Depending on which ethnic group, Naija is the best place to pick up the piece of artwork.

  7. Adire: Adire is an indigo dyed cloth produced by the Yoruba women particularly those from Abeokuta. The three basic techniques used to dye the cloth are Oniko, Alabere and Eleko.
  8. Aran: This is a velvet cloth with a silky texture, usually worn in accompaniment to Aso-Oke, it comes in various colours of rich reds, purples and browns. The cloth is expensive and it is only worn by the rich as a symbol of status.

  9. Hausa Goods: Traditional hand-stitched leather pouches, slippers, bags and so much more, can be bought from the northern part of the country. The leather is designed with traditional motifs unique only to the Hausas.

  10. Udu: This is both a water jug and musical instrument and it is made from baked clay by the women from the southeastern part of Nigeria. An extra hole is added to the jug for it to become a musical instrument and it produces a bass sound that changes in pitch depending on how the hand above the jug is positioned.


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