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10 Things Women Should Never Lie to Their Partner About

Ladies, here are 10 things that you should not lie to your Man about.

10 Things Women Should Never Lie to Their Partner About

So, we are on #TeamMen today and we’ll be telling the women 10 things they should not lie about to their partner.

Some of the things here might not come up as a topic of conversation and that is fine but if it does, Men expect to be the told the truth especially if they are the ones that did the asking. So, let’s begin.

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10 Things Women Should Never Lie to Their Partner About

  1. Being Transparent It’s not easy being completely transparent with someone you’ve just started a relationship with but it’s extremely important. If you have anything about your past that might hurt your partner, spit it out, the more transparent you are with your partner the healthier the relationship becomes.
  2. Your Age Some Women find it hard to tell their age but it’s important to not lie about your age prior to the relationship. If the man is interested, age won’t matter. Keep it transparent with the birth dates.
  3. Don’t Hide The Ex I do not think this is important unless your ex is still in touch with you for some reason, then it is important to tell your man all about it. Keep it all in the open, don’t keep such things from him, he is yours to keep and he deserves to know. I just need to point out this works both ways.
  4. Female Friends and You Ladies, if your man has a lot of female friends and you are uncomfortable about it, let him know. Let it be known that you’re not okay with it and if he really loves you, he won’t even argue about it.
  5. His Inner Circle My dear sister, if you don’t like the company your man keeps, tell him. Make sure you have your reasons ready, make sure they are also valid. Men reason from the practical side so trust me when I say he will not disagree but make sure you are Gentle with your words.
  6. Sports Men love women who’re into sports, but they know most women are not. So if you’re not into sports and your man is a fanatic about it, don’t form. Pretending to like it might be a huge turn off for him. Be realistic.
  7. Your Past Intimacy Most men do not need your past intimacy with your ex but there are some who think it is important to share all things and anything.  So be open about it and tell him exactly what he wants. The downside of this is some guys are immature and just want to check your body count.
  8. Your Cooking Abilities Cooking skills – If you are not a good cook, do not lie about it at all. Don’t promise him exotic dishes when you can’t make them. It’s fine if a woman is not a great cook. There is no need to lie about things as important as food.
  9. Life After Marriage It’s a huge misunderstanding that if women bring up the topic of marriage it will instantly scare men away. That’s not true. If a man wants marriage as you do, your relationship will not suffer. Why wait and be scared? Tell him how you want to be after marriage, your goals in life, the house you would want to buy with him, the kids you want to have etc.
  10. The Real You You cannot hide the real you for a long period of time and even if you do to a certain extent, it might go very badly for you. If he loves you for who you are, there is no need trying to be anything else. So keep it real, ladies.


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