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10 Things to Ask Yourself Before a Breakup

Are you thinking of ending that relationship? Read this to know the things to do next.

10 things to ask yourself before a breakup

I know we always try to form #HardGang and #TeamStrong but moving on is one of the hardest things to do, it demands a lot of strength to actually begin the process and takes much more strength after it’s done.

For some, it’s very traumatic. This article is for those people who are almost at the end of their relationship and ready to move on. These are questions you need to sit down, ask yourself and get answers to.

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  • Have I talked things out properly?: Please, before think of leaving someone or moving on, have a heart to heart discussion with your partner. Discuss problems, tell them what’s bothering you, leave nothing out. Give them the benefit of the doubt, give them their fair chance of trying to make it work.
  • Am I doing the right thing?: Before you think about moving on, make sure the facts you are basing your reasons on are the right ones. Why do you want to move on? Did they hurt you in a way that can’t be taken back? Did they ignore you in your hardest of times? What’s your reason for wanting to move on. And then take a look at yourself I know it can be hard but take a look at yourself.
  • Can they be forgiven?: Everyone makes mistakes, even you. It’s always a good idea to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when someone hurts you to see why or how it happened. Don’t be hasty.
  •  Am I going to be okay?: Of course, you’re going to mourn the death of that relationship, when you constantly think about it and the memories made with your partner. The question to really ask is if you’re going to be okay at the end of the mourning period.
  •  Are they going to be okay?: Now that you have thought about yourself, you need to ask yourself if your partner is going to be okay without you. The key here is to not be selfish. If you think your partner is completely dependent on you then have a talk with them to make things right, because no one should go through being so alone.
  •  Was I unfair?: Throughout our relationships, we unintentionally make a lot of mistakes that bring a few negative changes to our relationships and we, later on, find out when things get messy. Before you breakup, ask yourself if you were unfair to your partner.
  •  Is it going to affect anyone apart from both of us?: Sometimes, a relationship is friends and families put together. If you are going to hurt more people, find a way to convey the breakup without attacking your partner or being rude.
  • If they come back, will I take them back?: When you move on from a relationship, make sure it is what you want. Your ex, at some point, is going to communicate with you and will try to come back. Be sure that the relationship you two had is over for good and can never happen again.
  •  Is this becoming a habit?: Are you someone who’s always the one to end relationships because of some fear you have or something that happened in the past that’s someone else’s mistake? Is it becoming a vicious cycle? If it is then it’s never going to stop, no matter how good and understanding your partner is.
  •  Am I expecting a “perfect relationship”?: Ups and downs happen in even the strongest of relationships. Arguments and fights happen in every relationship, so if the reason you want to breakup is that you expect a fairy tale relationship, that’s never going to happen because it does not exist.


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