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10 Things That Might be Damaging Your Relationship

Here are 10 things that are damaging your relationship.

10 Things That Might be Damaging Your Relationship

Despite how difficult things get or how many mistakes you make in your relationship, you need to keep working on your relationship.

Here are a couple of things everyone could adopt to have a healthier relationship as the list below damages your relationship.

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  1. Keeping your feelings to yourself: You’re not doing anyone any favours by not voicing your opinions. In a relationship; everyone should feel free to tell the other one if they are hurting.
  2. Slacking once you have them: Getting in a relationship isn’t as hard as maintaining a healthy relationship. Don’t stop doing the same things you did to get them. no one likes to be taken for granted; you wouldn’t either.
  3. Bending over backwards for them: Yes, you love them, and you want them to have everything they’ve ever wanted but you have to put yourself before everyone else. Even the love of your life and you don’t have to feel guilty about it either.
  4. Confusing them: You either want to be with someone, or you don’t. It’s that simple. If you’re telling someone that you love them, and not acting like it; you’re making a fool out of them and they won’t be able to trust you. Please refrain from the mixed-signals game. You don’t want to be playing with someone’s feelings.
  5. Not sticking to routine: It’s alright to have a couple of lazy dates where you just stay in and watch a movie but don’t overdo it. Go out. Do things together.  A good thing to do is experiment when it comes to planning your dates.
  6. Patronizing your partner: This shouldn’t even need to be said. It’s downright insulting. There are going to be things they don’t know of or are not so good at doing, but you should be helping them out with it rather than making them feel bad. Help them grow and better themselves.
  7. Having trust issues: Don’t ever give your partner a chance to lose trust in you. Don’t give them any reason to doubt you. Of course, there are going to be times breaking your promises happen. Explain yourself and make up for it afterwards.
  8. Not acknowledging your relationship and your partner: You have no excuse to not be open and admitting to dating your partner. When you don’t accept them as your partner in public, the only ideas you’re giving them is that you’re probably ashamed of them.
  9. Never letting go of an opportunity to argue: Arguments are healthy for a relationship but when you start picking up fights with them for no reason at all; it isn’t healthy anymore.
  10. Having Contrasting plans for the future: You’re both allowed to pursue what you want. But if it’s something that cannot be managed while being with each other and neither of you is willing to give up what they want; then you’ve reached a deadlock.


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