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10 Things That Happen When Your Partner is Your Best Friend

Want to know the advantages of dating your best friend? You should read this post.

10 Things That Happen When Your Partner is Your Best Friend

Relationships can be described as beautiful when your partner is your best friend because everything becomes that and much more. This post highlights 10 things that happen when your best friend is your partner.

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  1. You forgive each other quick: When your best friend is your partner, forgiveness becomes so much easier and it comes quicker. You just can’t stay mad at them for too long because the foundation of your relationship is”friendship”.
  2. You actually “listen” to each other: The title of “best friend” does not come cheap. It comes with the price of listening to each other, no matter the length of time. You two will always let each other know that neither of you is alone.
  3. You are very truthful with each other: When the friendship is so pure and kind, the elements of “hiding” and “lying” become very weak and cannot last. Being in a relationship with your best friend means that the element of “truth” becomes more powerful than ever.
  4. You are open with each other: When you’re in a relationship with your bestie, the uncomfortable wall is usually the first to be gone, the shell breaks already, all you have to do is just be yourself and enjoy each other’s company without the fear of being judged.
  5. You see right through each other: Your best friend has been with you for so long that they just know when something upsets you or makes you sad. This same emotional energy is found in your relationship because of the level of understanding which has been developed.
  6. You are on each other’s team: Best friends root for each other, every step. Whether you win or lose, your best friend will always tell you to keep moving forward and never give up. Same thing and more applies to your partner who doubles as your best friend
  7. You’re open with each other: When someone is your best friend, they know almost everything there is to know about you. If you are in a relationship with your best friend, that level does not drop.
  8. Better social lives: You already hang out with your best friend every day, they’re already a part of your social circle. Dating them doesn’t really bring any big change to your social life, to be honest. The only thing that will probably change is the infinite teasing that you both will receive.
  9. There is no “learning period”: Your best friend knows everything about your personality and vice versa. So there is no “learning period” in your relationship.
  10. You make each other laugh, more than usual: People become best friends because they have the same sense of humour. When your best friend is your partner, you can be sure that they’re going to enhance the jokes at least tenfold.


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