10 Things Only Nigerian 90s Kids Will Totally Relate To.

Growing up in Nigeria is an absolutely unbeatable experience.

The year I spent growing p were some of the most memorable years of my life. I had hilarious moments and memorable experiences that will remain with me for the rest of my life. As a 90s kid, I grew up in time when there was less TV, no sleek MacBooks, no iPhones, big computers and basically no internet access. But those were the best times of my life still, because I had enough time to play outdoor games, listen to moonlight stories and just have fun.

We had a lot of things that made growing p fun, us 90s kids, and sadly most of those things are no more. In fact, children of nowadays will even find some of them weird and funny – if they can even recognize them sef.

I stumbled on a box of my old stuff today and had all these nostalgic feelings of my childhood rushing back to me. So I decided to compile a list of some thing that made growing up in Nigeria in the 90s more fun and memorable.

Check them out and see how many you relate with:

  1. Palito Radios

Back then, if you didn’t have one of these, then you didn’t have anything! These radios were our iPods of that time. And they didn’t cost much too.

  1. Floppy Disk

We used these to save all our 670kb worth of important information back in those days. I remember wrapping up my floppy disk with paper to prevent dost from getting on it and damaging it.

  1. Cassette players

Before CDs became widespread, we had this and we enjoyed using it too. Sometimes, when the player jams and pulls out the cassette tape, we’d use our biros to reel the tapes back in and everything I as good as new. Life was easy!

  1. Kito Sandals

Kito sandals were the most popular type of sandal then, okay maybe 2nd most popular, after those big brown sandals called containers. But then again, containers were more my father’s time than my time. Anyways, if you didn’t own one of these Kito sandals then, then you weren’t up to the standard.

  1. Computer Socks

What was schooling life in the 90s without computer socks?

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Memories #ComputerSocks

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  1. Okin Biscits, Baba Dudu, Goody Goody et al.

These delicious goodies made our days back then. And they used to go for just N1 that year too.

  1. Cadbury Breakfast Show

This show made us all good children on Saturday mornings, because we’d wake up early and do all our house chores just to be allowed to watch the show. I absolutely loved it.

  1. Black and White TV

Before the colored ones came to be, we had to make do with these wonderful back and white TV sets. And there was nothing like remote controllers then. To change stations, we had to walk to the TV and turn the knob. I can’t begin to count how many times I walked from chair to TV and back when I was younger.

  1. Game Boy

This game was big in the 90s.

  1. Walkman

Our first introduction to portable CD players came through these Walkman. To be the biggest boy in secondary school back then, you had to have one of these. They were huge then.

So those are my top 10 things every Nigerian 90s kid should relate to. Did I leave out any one? Do feel free to tell us by leaving a comment here.

And to the non-90s kids who just read this, be honest, how many did you recognize?


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