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10 things on a Happy Couples ‘NOT TO DO LIST’ 2

Here is the second and final part of the NOT TO DO list for happy couples.

10 things on a Happy Couples 'NOT TO DO LIST' 2

Happy and healthy relationships do not come easy, they require a lot of consistent work from both partners.  This post puts a focus on another set of 10 of the most common things people in happy and healthy relationships DON’T do. You can read the first list here.

  1. They Don’t Stop Arguments In The Middle: You should never stop arguments in the middle. When or If they are stopped in the middle without being solved, they can come back to hurt you later on. Instead of walking away, sit with each other, open your hearts out and solve the problems because no problem will solve itself with time.
  2. They Don’t Take Everything To Heart: People in good and happy relationships know that not every little thing should be taken to heart. They know that a lot of things said in anger can be really hurtful and when people are angry they don’t take time to think. Their key is to be strong enough to not let every little thing make them seem overly sensitive.
  3. They Aren’t Just There For The Good Times: People in happy relationships are there for each other all the time which will include the good and bad days. Happy couples support each other during every season and come out stronger than ever.
  4. They Don’t Talk When It’s Time To Listen: Happy couples are those who know when to speak and when to listen with an open and willing mind. Not pretending to listen but actively paying attention in the communication process.
  5. They Don’t Take Each Other For Granted: People in healthy and happy relationships do not take each other for granted, instead, they cherish each other and find ways to make each other happy.
  6. They Don’t Focus On The Flaws Of Others: Good people end up in great relationships because they know not to judge people on their flaws and also not to focus on them.
  7. They Don’t Hide Their True Selves: Healthy couples know that the key to a happy relationship is to completely be open about yourself to your partner. To let them see the “you” that only you see.
  8. They Don’t Hold Grudges: Healthy couples think about it, have a talk with their inner selves, take space, talk time if needed but they let go of the grudges. They forgive each others’ mistakes and let go of the anger, let go of the grudges and move on without them.
  9. They Don’t Focus On The Past: Let’s face it people, you can not change the past, arguing about it or worrying about it will only hurt your future and nothing else. Healthy people know to find happiness in the present and find hope in the future rather than finding trauma in the past.
  10. They Don’t Ask Others To Validate Their Partners: True and healthy relationships are the ones that involve pure love between two people without anyone else having anything to say about it. You do not need others to validate you and your partner. You should be enough to validate each other.


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