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10 Things on a Happy Couples ‘NOT TO DO’ List 1

Here is the first part of the NOT TO DO list for happy couples

10 things on a Happy Couples 'NOT TO DO LIST' 2

Happy and healthy relationships do not come easy, they require a lot of consistent work from both partners.  This post puts a focus on 10 of the most common things people in happy and healthy relationships DON’T do.

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  • They Know It’s Not EasyHappy couples know that a happy relationship is not a walk in the park, it’s not always sunshine, it’s not always hugs and kisses. Happy couples know that the thing that makes their relationship strong is the fact that they have more ups and try every day to make sure there are no downs.
  • They Don’t LieHappy couples know that when trust goes out the window, it is very hard to be rebuilt and lying or cheating will only lead to bad things. They know that the key is to be yourself and be the most truthful.
  • They Don’t Rush Their RelationshipHappy couples spend every single day as if it were the first day of your relationship. They cherish even the smallest of moments and create memories each day as it goes by. They live in the present with their partner and stop ignoring it.
  • They Don’t Compare Each Other To Someone ElseHappy Couples never compare their partner to someone else because it is a horrible thing. They accept their partner and people without finding the constant need to change them.
  • They Don’t Go Into Replacement RelationshipsThe hardest part of a strong relationship is the fact that they know that they NEED to be in each others’ lives and leaving each other is  NOT an option. They are the ones where two people love each other even when they want to hate each other.
  • They Don’t Expect A Magical SolutionThey know they are partners and not Magicians and they don’t expect their partner to solve all their problems. The key to a healthy and happy relationship is to know when to manage the issue by yourself.
  • They Don’t Let People Hold Them BackPeople in strong relationships simply don’t care about what others have to say about them. They just love each other and let each other know that.
  • They Don’t Allow Fear To Take ControlHealthy relationships are those kinds of relationships where both partners know their fears and still want to trust each other, give each other their all and still want to see how it goes.
  • They Don’t Ignore The Tough TimesIt takes a lot of effort from both sides to make sure everything is perfect and it usually is not but strong couples stick together. They do not ignore each other in tough times.
  • They Don’t Agree When They Shouldn’tStrong and happy couples know when to hit the nail on the head. They know when to be diplomatic, strict and straight to the point. They will not agree with each other when disagreeing is the best route to go. They do not agree just so they can ignore a rough patch.


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