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10 Things to Know Before Asking Her Out

You just have to know these Tips before asking that lovely damsel out.

Its always important to know that everyone is wired differently and is applicable in A might not be the same for B. These tips, however, aims at hitting the majority of men who will like to take their relationships seriously when exploring if their significant other is sexually or romantically compatible.

Here are 10 tips, if followed properly, will assist you before and during your dating process;


Its very important to be consistent in your character as this helps create trust in your partner. First impressions are very important, so, portray yourself the way you are, if its on an online platform, don’t lie about your appearance or, in fact, don’t lie at all, because trust is a very fragile thing that when lost is good for good.

Gentleman Extraordinaire

Its always important to treat your lady the same way you treat your mom, in a respectful and polite manner. Let your choice of words and gestures ooze with chivalry.

Being Mr. Confident

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It’s an established fact that ladies are more drawn to men that are confident in their words and actions. So, even in choosing a preferred date, they will most likely be involved with someone with confidence. Make eye contact when expressing your thoughts and aim to convince.

The Door Opener

People don’t believe that opening the door for your lady is important because it is a small gesture. What you might want to know is that small gestures most times are the only important ones. When you go out, opening the door for her will leave a positive thought for you telling her you respect her and also that you have good manners.

Dress to Impress

Lots of men get confused when it comes to dressing for a date or to hang out with his significant other. Firstly, its good because women tend to notice everything about you, your choice of clothing included. Maintain a clean look with clothes that fit your body build and make you confident in your appearance.

Say No to Phubbing

While you are out on a date or in a conversation with her, DO NOT start checking your phone for messages or giving your phone more attention than her. This is a huge turn off and she will get irritated. So, when you’re on a date, put your phone on silent, she will appreciate that you are making her the focus of the day.

Funny Man

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A good sense of humor goes a long way in dating because it keeps thing really interesting and fun. Women generally like to be around company that makes her happy and if you make her the happiest, it’s a guarantee shell be sticking around for a long time.

Avoid the Ex Talks

Talking about your previous relationship is a Red Flag, especially on your first couple of dates and more especially when you’re not asked. It shows you’re still somewhat attached to the idea of you ex which is a bad vibe to give off. Focus on the now in your conversations and even if she asks you, keep your answers very short assuring her that part of your past is now history.

One Sided Conversations

Don’t do all the talking while out on a date, engage your partner and share mutual questions that will create more interest between you. Don’t forget to listen, listening is a skill that is very handy as this assures her you are invested in her thoughts and respect her opinions.

Follow Her Up

In dating, its important to show the person you are interested in them. When you say you’ll call back, call them back, this is important as it shows you are willing to be committed in that relationship. Don’t say “I’ll call you” and don’t, this can be very hurtful especially when you both had a lovely time together.


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