10 Things All You Should Know Before The Wedding

Are you about to say the words so that you will be pronounced husband and wife? As a newlywed, there are several things that you should know before saying ‘I do.’

Read them below!


  1. Know that things between the two of you will change. You will both become stronger, better and more mature. Ensure that you work on your marriage and strive for the best version of it.


  1. Love is an action word so your husband will need to hear your love declaration every now and then. Your husband will also want to see your actions in professing this love and you’ll also want the same from him. No matter how busy you are, ensure you remind yourselves of how much you love and cherish each other.


  1. Marriage is the beginning of a new chapter in your life and it is not the end of the road. It is actually the first step of a brand new road.


  1. You will have conflicts. This is very normal, but you should learn how to process these conflicts well.


  1. You will learn how to attack the problem and not your husband. This is because the problem is not him and not you. It is very easy to assign blame but know that marriage isn’t all about being right but being a team.


  1. You will have to master the art of compromising. You won’t believe that you can argue over little things such as ordering dinner to arranging the bedroom. You can’t be a hundred percent happy in every situation but is pertinent that you both pick battles and take turns in making decisions.


  1. Do not talk badly about your husband. Yes, there are times that he will drive you crazy and you’ll want to vent out. There are better ways to do this than spoil him in front of other people. You have promised to share your life with him and love him unconditionally so why would you want others to think badly about him?


  1. Copilot your life together. It is all about what you both decide. This is to learn how to split tasks, share everything and complete each other.


  1. It is okay to have separate interests. Marriage will prove you wrong no matter how much you think that you’re alike. With time, you’ll see how different you are. But it is exciting to spend the rest of your life discovering new things about your spouse.


  1. Remember to have fun. This is why you’re getting married. You want to be happy and share this happiness with someone you love. So make it your ultimate goal to have fun with your spouse!


And now, we can pronounce you husband and wife!


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