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10 Things a Stylish Woman Never Forgets

Do you consider yourself stylish? I bet you are doing 2 or more on this list. Read to confirm.

10 Things a Stylish Woman Never Forgets

A stylish woman never looks like she tried too hard, it seems more like it came to her naturally, so effortlessly. But does it really come effortlessly? Here are 10 things a stylish woman knows and of course, never forgets.

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  1. DOES NOT EDIT: One trick is knowing what exactly she needs, not more, not less. She knows what looks good on her and that is exactly what she goes ahead to buy. She is not going buy a bunch of stuff only to start editing, removing or thrashing.
  2.  INVESTS IN  THE CLASSIC BASICS”: Every woman needs a wardrobe that works for her but a stylish woman knows that the secret to any wardrobe is investing in the basics. She starts with the little black dress, the perfect tailored jacket, a gorgeous wristwatch and builds up from there. 304b84cb92c06f30b10c050b56054ccd
  3. HOW TO MAKE A STATEMENT: A stylish woman goes for the over-the-top outfit, statement items or pieces.Then she goes ahead and owns the look. She is not afraid of making a statement and turning heads in a good way.
  4. HOW TO MIX IT UP: She never wears one label from head to toe just because. In fact, she is not moved with labels. She knows that it’s about layering the new with the old, mixing textures, colours and styles and labels(if she really has to)
  5. THAT ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY: A stylish woman wears knows that it is not really about the money which in turn allows her shop anywhere as long as she gets the right pieces.
  6. THE IMPORTANCE OF SHOES: Shoes are a girl’s best friend and they are never too much. She has shoes, shoes and more mores. Oh, did I mention that she has shoes?
  7. THE POWER OF ACCESSORIES: A stylish woman knows the power of accessories and what can happen to an outfit when it is thrown on in just the right way.
  8. HOW NOT TO BE A FASHION VICTIM: A stylish woman never buys into trends and she steers away from any handbags that others may carry.  She instead chooses the ones that are more “off the beaten path” and not ones you’d see everywhere.
  9. A GOOD TAILOR: Just as finding the right makeup artist or hair stylist is important, a stylish woman knows the importance of a good tailor because a well-tailored suit or dress stands out in a crowd.
  10. HOW TO BE IMPERFECT: Stylish women clearly understand that every day is not a fashion shoot or catwalk show. They know that every day is not magazine cover kind of makeup and on some days, there will be bad hair days and that is okay.


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