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10 Sweet Things Guys do That Goes Unnoticed

Hee are 10 things your man does for you that goes unnoticed.

10 Sweet Things Guys do That Goes Unnoticed

To be very honest, Women have no trouble listing things that men do which they find annoying. The list is usually long. But in the midst of all the complaining and whining, a few things that deserve due recognition can easily be ignored as not all men are the same. So, this post is listing 10 things that guys do that their partners probably ignore.

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  • Not leaving the toilet seat up behind them: Living with his family, on his own and with you girl are all very different scenarios. On his own, he has complete freedom to live whatever way he wants to. With his family, things might be a little different but not that much because he is a Man and we know that Men are usually allowed to just be but it’s with you that the living situation goes through drastic changes which might not come overnight. But if he’s making an effort to put the toilet seat down, please appreciate it.
  • Not letting you walk on the outside of the sidewalk: Trust me when I say some guys have no idea what this is or what it even means. This is just showing how protective he is of you, how he cares about you. Most times, he may not always tell you, but he’d always show it. So recognize them and be glad.
  • Skipping sleep to talk to you: To be fair, you’re skipping sleep too but if you are being honest, it wouldn’t affect him much if you didn’t talk to for all those long hours. Guys are usually not big on words. So because he knows how much you love talking and just catching up on daily activities, he stays awake to please you.
  • The public displays of affection: You love PDA and he probably does too but the issue is the on-lookers who might be his friends who would tease him for a really, really long time and you wouldn’t even know about it. All this for your sake
  • He knows you, probably even more than you think: He might look distracted when you are talking to him or behave as if everything you say or do does not register with him. But trust me, he knows what you like or don’t like. The things that make you smile and the things that make you laugh. The put-offs, the turn-ons.
  • Watching the movies you like: If you two have the same tastes, it is a Win-Win. But if you like something that he does not like, there could be a lot of disagreement over what to watch. If he surrenders and puts up with what you want to watch, he’s a special kind of guy.
  • Carrying your purse for you: You know Nigerian guys and the mentality of not doing anything for their woman so as not to be called ‘Woman Wrapper’ but yours is totally different, he carries a lot of things for you including carrying your purse for you and his outward appearance does not show disgust or shame, you should be grateful for him sister.
  • Wearing the scent you love: It could be something you got him or something he just bought and he might not even like it as much, but since you said you like it, he’d wear it frequently, especially on important events.
  • Helping you with the technical stuff: He does not allow you to fall into the traps of artisans and workmen whose first instinct is to be untrustworthy to females. He helps you with fixing things, repairing and just generally being a good handyman.
  •  He shaves off his beard: Because you keep complaining about it and how it scratches your face, your guy half-heartedly gives up his beard for you. You’ll think it is not a big deal until you see other men who blatantly ignore their girlfriend’s request. So give him a little appreciation, that would be very nice.


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