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10 Styling Hacks for the Fashion Savvy Woman PART 3

Are you fashion savvy but don’t want to spend on new clothes? You should read this

10 styling hacks for the fashion savvy woman PART 1

For those who resolved to make the second half of 2019 their most stylish year ever, I am here for you. This is the third part to conclude the 3-day article challenging you to embrace a new fashion trick using clothes you already have. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Now, let us conclude this.

  1.  Bring Back the Turtleneck: Just in case you did not know and you are unaware, turtleneck sweaters are a thing no especially with the rains here. Embrace the and if it feels too stuffy, mix it up with cool layers or add sexy heels to give it a little edge.
  2. Transform Your Dress Into a Skirt With a Top: This hack gives your dress a whole new feel simply by adding a sweater or shirt to top it off.

  3. Layer Something Unexpected: Why not double up on shirts or try a vest? Experimenting with layers can give something as basic as a button-down a fashion-forward feel.

  4. Put a Belt on It: Transform bulky outerwear or define the waist on a billowy top with a belt! Anything goes as long as it’s belted. That is very simple, right?

  5. Wear Your Sweatshirt to Work: Sweatshirts aren’t just for the gym or cold days. You can add them to more polished pieces and get right to work. You should try it.

  6. Style Navy and Black Together: If you did not know that you can style Navy and Black together, I do not know what you have been styling to be very honest.  You can absolutely wear navy and black together.

  7. Play With Texture: Whether it’s a fringed sweater or whatever, playing with texture might just be the most interesting thing you do to your outfit.

  8. Work a Classic Button-Down: Classic doesn’t in any way mean boring: give your sexier pieces a little more sophistication just by adding this wardrobe staple.

  9.  Wear Your Pajamas All Day: You know those days when you do not feel like doing anything, not getting out of bed etc. This is the day that your silky PJ bottoms and top can take the place of your “real clothes” with the right accessories. You should do this on your day off or lazy Saturdays.
  10. Be You: To round off the hacks, the biggest and best of it all is realizing that none of these will work if you are not comfortable with any them. So pick the ones that suit you and your style. You do not necessarily have to try out all the hacks listed from Parts 1-3.


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