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10 Styling Hacks for the Fashion Savvy Woman PART 2

Are you fashion savvy but don’t want to spend on new clothes? You should read this

10 styling hacks for the fashion savvy woman PART 1

For those who resolved to make the second half of 2019 their most stylish year ever, I am here for you. This is the second part of a 3-day article challenging you to embrace a new fashion trick using clothes you already have. It may be as simple as adding a belt or a hat, while some days might just push you out of your comfort zone with bold colours.

Are you up for it?

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  1. Embrace the Whites: White is always allowed as long as it is not a burial ceremony. Try topping white jeans with a cozy sweater to ease into it, or style your pantsuit with a white killer heel. You can also go all white and then add a splash of colour via your shoe, bag or accessories.

  2. Layer Your Rings: This is a personal favourite of mine and I do it to make my accessories the main show.  Stack your rings even if all you are wearing is jeans and a basic t-shirt, your outfit will hardly be basic when you step out.

  3. Put On Colored or Printed Tights: Tights might be a seasonal necessity, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have more fun with them. So try wearing a bright colour or patterned pair of tights today.

  4. Try Tights + Shorts: Most people do skirts and tights or short dresses and tights, but rarely reach for shorts to layer with tights. And my question is Why not? Especially when they look so chic.

  5. Work Some Leather Into Your Look: It doesn’t take much, but even a little leather can go a long way to making your look feel cooler. And yes, you can totally wear it to the office, especially if the weather is cool.

  6.  Reinvent Your Denim on Denim: Denim on denim isn’t new, but you totally can make it feel new again with a great pair of heels and a bright statement necklace.
  7. Test Your Colorblocking Skills: I know that was a season we do not wish to see again but instead of reaching for your greys and blacks just because you don’t want to try on some colour. Look for colours that compliment your skin and go bold with a colour block outfit.

  8. Create a Matchy-Matchy Look: Matching sets are having a moment right now and that means it’s time to get in on the fun. So show a little bit of skin(if you can) with a crop top and coordinating skirt, or add a matching top to a pair of trousers to channel the trend.

  9. Try a Crop Top: Crop tops can be appropriate depending on the way you style them according to your body. Just keep the look cozy.

  10. Borrow From the Boys: Channel your sharper style with pieces that look as if you’ve stolen them right from his closet. This will obviously include a Tee and maybe a short that can pass as yours and of course, an All-Star or sneakers(If you wear nearly the same size)



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