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10 Styling Hacks for the Fashion Savvy Woman PART 1

Are you fashion savvy but don’t want to spend on new clothes? You should read this

10 styling hacks for the fashion savvy woman PART 1

For those who resolved to make the second half of 2019 their most stylish year ever, we are here for you. This is the first part of a 3-day article challenging you to embrace a new fashion trick using clothes you already have. It may be as simple as adding a belt or a hat, while some days might just push you out of your comfort zone with bold colours.

Are you up for it?

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  • Top It Off With a Hat: Whether you opt for a cap, a fedora, or even a head warmer for this cold season, a hat might just be the easiest way to make more of a statement with your style. So, top off your outfit with a hat you keep meaning to wear.
  • Wear Your Shirt Under a Dress: You can instantly make a strapless dress or your spaghetti strap dress a workplace appropriate outfit by layering a t-shirt, turtleneck, or button-down underneath.
  • Mix Up Your Prints: Liven up your day look with bold patterns and don’t worry if they don’t “go together.” Just keep them in the same colour family and have fun with geometric shapes, floral prints, polka dots, you name it.
  • Dare to Wear Daytime Metallics: Ever seen someone dress up and add a flash of silver or gold? You too can turn heads all day long when you add it to your daytime look. Sure, it’s unexpected, but it works. It does not have to be in short skirts or tube tops.
  • Add Stylish Sneakers to a Dress: Nothing is more in vogue right now than this so transform any dress in your closet with cool kicks for a look that’s more sporty than girlie.
  • Belt Your Scarf: Yes, it is exactly the picture in your head. Inject a little pattern or texture into your outfit and define your waist all at once; put a cool and nice looking scarf over your outfit and cinch it with a fancy belt to breathe new life into your looks.
  • Try a short dress Over leggings: I know you think they are going out of style but try it and this time around, rock it with a killer heel in a bright colour. Let your imagination run wild with cool combinations to mix things up.
  • Leave Your Basic Black at Home: Ditch your old and boring wardrobe favourite and liven up your look with a bold, notice-me colour. Challenge yourself to wear as little black as possible in the following weeks.
  • Add a Little bit of print: Inject a little bit of print on your shoes or a clutch. If you’re feeling bold, reach for a jacket or dress and watch the compliments roll in.
  • Style a Full Skirt For the Cold: Dig up your feminine full skirt and pair it with a top or sweater that matches.

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