10 Strange Jobs People Do That You Have NEVER Heard About

When we talk about jobs or careers, the first things people think of are the usual Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers or Accountants.

Well, here the thing, we cannot all be Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers or Accountants. There are several other jobs out there that people do to put food on their table.

While some of these jobs will sound familiar or at least relatable to other people, some other jobs are just plain strange and most likely unheard of. We have compiled a list of the top 10 strangest jobs out there that you probably have never heard about.

Check out our list below:

  1. Professional Sleepers

These people get paid to sleep. Mattress making companies hire the services of these people to check the quality of their products by sleeping on them.

  1. Professional Mourners

These guys are hired to go to funerals and grieve for the deceased. They just get dressed, go for funerals, weep and wail, then get paid.

My mum once told me that certain people from the southern part of the country did this job as their main source of income. I thought she was joking about it..until now.

  1. Face Feeler

So there are people whose jobs are to feel how smooth the face is? Who knew! These guys even have a name and are called ‘Sensory Scientists’. They are trained on how to use their hands to feel the effect of new cosmetic products.

  1. Professional Cuddlers

As the name applies, this set of people get paid just to snuggle with someone else .

  1. Pet food Tester

Before that dog biscuit is finally produced, it must be tasted  to see if it is good and tastes well enough for dog consumption. Guess who does the tasting? Yup, people do. And they get paid for it too.

  1. Professional Line-standers

Imagine getting paid just to stand in line. That’s what these guys do. They work especially at times when there is a release of a new product and therefore a rush to get it. They make the line never look empty.

  1. Worm Picker

These guys get paid to pick up worms. They are usually in demand during fishing season.

  1. Chicken Sexer

Wanna know the sex of the new chicks in your farm? Then you should employ one of these ‘Chicken Sexers’. They tell you the sex of your chicken for money.

  1. Snake Milker

This does not mean people find snakes for their milk. Who drinks snake milk? Do snakes even have milk? Anyways, what they do is much more dangerous. They suck out venom from live snakes. The venom’s are then used for medical research and to develop vaccines. So the seemingly most valuable job on this list is also the most dangerous. Sigh

  1. Armpit Sniffer/Odor Judge

These guys are paid to smell things. They perform tests to check how effective cosmetic/hygienic products like deodorants, mouthwashes and body washes are. They smell body parts like armpits, mouth or feet and rate the odors on a scale of 1 – 10.

One particular woman holds the world record for the highest amount of armpits and legs sniffed. She made this record after sniffing over 5,000 feet and an uncountable number of armpits.

So that’s our list of the top 10 strangest jobs that you would ever see. Have you heard of any other one? Tell us by leaving us a comment below.



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