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10 Songs by Adekunle Gold That we Totally Love

Here is What Adekunle Gold has to Say About his Greatest Fear

From the moment he hit the spotlight with his 2015 hit track, Sade, many were convinced that he deserves a seat at the top and yes, they were right as Adekunle since then has continued to churn out great music.

Armed with an amazing style of telling interesting stories in the smartest of ways, Adekunle Gold has earned a spot at the top and has continued to work even more to not disappoint his teeming fans.

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Speaking in an interview, the ace singer opened up on how music started for him saying;

‘My father would say religion is education’ he tells me, recounting the events that paved the way for music.
‘I joined the teens choir and it was very competitive. It was a thing to just hold the mic and I would try to impress my choir mistress for a chance then but she wasn’t having it. She’d say “you’re not there yet” so I kept doing the most to impress this woman. I think I was in the church for 11 years and it never happened.’

On his kind of music, he said;

“My genre is a fusion of Highlife and Pop and Indie. My manager says it’s Modern Highlife but I still say that it’s Urban Highlife.” Right behind us is Niyi, a young lady full of warmth and natural hair who had earlier introduced herself as his friend and manager. As accused by Adekunle, she repeats herself with a stress. “Moderrrrn highlife…”.

Kunle who first made name ith his photoshopping skills talked about that side of him saying;

‘It started out as fun, you know. One Saturday morning, I was in my house and I saw one particular photo of Tiwa Savage. I thought, I would love to take a picture with this lady, ‘cause I really love Tiwa Savage. Then I thought, you know, I can. So I told my friend to take my picture. He thought I was crazy. And I did as if I was holding her from behind and then I did the photoshop and people really liked it. I was struggling for people to hear my music so I thought, if I can be popular for this one, I might as well. It might find its way to the people I really want to work with as a musician. I went on to do pictures with Toolz and Tontoh Dikeh and it became a sensation. They started saying King of Photoshop. So, when I released a song, they didn’t take me seriously at first. This Photoshop guy, what can he sing?’

‘I studied Art and Industrial Design at Lagos State Polytechnic and I majored in graphics’ He says, explaining how a twist of fate landed him a job as the official graphics designer for YBNL.
‘I designed the YBNL logo. It was just a business relationship and I did stuff for Olamide. Though I remember sending him something that I wrote for him, but that was some balls because Olamide writes for himself but I just thought maybe he would like this one. There was no music relationship at all. Then I released Sade on my own then he said he would like to have me on board. I took the deal, before my guy will change his mind.’

Here are 10 songs by Adekunle Gold that we totally love.


Ariwo Ko

Before You Wake





Pick Up 

Call On Me

Damn, Delilah


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