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10 Signs That Shows Your Partner is a Cheater

Dear Brothers and Sister, don,t sleep on this o. Read this post.

Reasons Why REAL MEN Never Cheat

I know some people call cheating a mistake but I’m not part of that school of thought. It is not a mistake when you go out of your relationship and be with somebody else. It was an intentional and deliberate act.

There are all little things that one can easily move past from when they are hurt in a relationship however, it’s completely different when someone makes the ‘mistake’ of cheating in a relationship.

So instead of finding yourself in that position where you are heartbroken because of some callous actions of your partner, here are 10 signs to help show that you are being cheated on, to help you sniff out the clues.

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  1. They feel like you are interrogating them: Cheaters get irritated easily and try to make you feel bad for your harmless inquiry. They seem to be in a mood and quite irritable when you try to ask them how they are or what they are up to.
  2. They ignore your calls especially when they are out: A cheater will fail to find time to answer your calls or get back to you and the reason usually is work or friends or family.
  3. They avoid seeing you: People get busy, too busy at times, but if they can find time for everyone else except you, it’s pretty obvious that something’s off about the situation.
  4. They never show or let you use their phone: A cheater will absolutely be paranoid about you even so much as looking at their phone because they are obviously hiding something.
  5. They constantly lie: The few times that they’re generous enough to answer your questions, all you get are lies. Don’t be afraid to confront them about the lies as they’re the ones on the wrong.
  6. They never give you a straight answer: If a cheater does not lie, they always dodge questions that pertain to their whereabouts. They never really give you a straight answer either, more often, it is some vague or ambiguous answer in an attempt to confuse you. Sometimes, if they’re desperate, they’ll even act upset at you asking such a question.
  7. They seem to have gotten a makeover: They seem to have changed with their looks and don’t even care if you notice the change or not. Find out if there’s someone else in the picture, someone who wants to take your place.
  8. Their scent is way different: Have they been smelling different lately? You’d obviously know that it’s something that the opposite gender would be wearing and that it’s not yours.
  9. They seem to care about how they dress now: They might actually be trying to impress someone but if that person is not you, there is a problem.
  10. They don’t want to fight with you anymore: You might think that it’s a good thing that your partner doesn’t engage in fights with you anymore but when your partner argues with you, it means that they’re still invested enough in the relationship to actually fight for it.


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