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10 Signs That Shows You Are Not Ready To Start Dating

Do you think you are ready for a relationship? Read this post to be sure

10 Signs That Shows You Are Not Ready To Start Dating

Ladies and Gentlemen who are in the Single Category, the post today is for you. You see some of you think because you have been single for the past six months and you are starting to feel bad about it, then you should start dating.


I’m here to make you aware of 10 signs that definitely mean you are not ready to be in a relationship.

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  • YOU ARE DESPERATEThis is probably one of the greatest reasons for failed relationships. You just cannot be a desperate person because you’ll give off a very negative vibe that most people abhor. It is possible that someone does actually have feelings for you but being desperate might push them away. It is a very unattractive feature to have if you intend to start dating.
  • YOU’RE NOT HAPPY Relationships are not the 3MB to happiness. If you are someone who is unhappy about YOUR life in general, relationships can NOT make you happy. You’ll just be causing wahala for the other person and making them work extra to fulfil your desire to be happy. When you’re a happy person, your partner will be happy just by being around you, you two can share each other’s happiness for a much healthier relationship.
  • YOU STILL THINK ABOUT YOUR EX I do not know why you are looking for a new relationship when one of your legs is still in the old one. You miss your Ex, You have certain triggers that instantly remind you of them. Then why do you think you’re ready for a new relationship? Deal with your past first not carrying that baggage into someone else’s life. It’s hurtful to use someone else as a rebound, you just can’t play with someone’s feelings like that. Please deal with your self first.
  • YOU’RE MORE THAN “TOO BUSY” If you are a very busy person, who can’t even take time out for friends and family, how do you think you will fare in a brand new relationship?  You’ll only be making your own life harder. Make time for yourself, take time out, fix your timings and work hours, have a proper and healthy schedule, make sure your family and friends are happy with the time you give them, and finally, you can start dating.
  • YOU’RE UNSURE OF YOUR FEELINGS So you recently asked someone out, or someone asked you out and you are not sure, especially since you find yourself thinking of reasons why you love them or why you should be with them. You don’t need reasons to love, it’s natural. If you’re unsure of your feelings, please just hold yourself and remain single.
  • YOU HAVE TRUST ISSUES Let me tell you the honest truth, a lot of us develop trust issues at one point in time based on our past experiences but the thing is life is not perfect and we will not let good things pass us by just because a few bad things happened. So if you have trust issues, work on yourself, regain hope in trust. Please do not agree to start dating someone or ask anyone out if you’re going to kill them with insecurities.
  • YOU WANT A SAVIOR That relationship will not save you, it can’t take you out of a bad life, it can’t fix all of your problems. You have to know that relationships aren’t for selfish people. Do not commit to someone if you are looking for a savior.
  • YOU WANT TO SAVE SOMEONE This is the opposite of wanting a savior. Some people think that if they date someone, they can save them from whatever it is they are dealing with. A person will only change when and if they want to, it will have nothing to do with you. If you commit to someone solely because you want to save them, there’s a very big chance of them not being saved in the end.
  • YOU LOVE DRAMA A little bit of drama is good, think of it as spice. When you add just the right amount, you get a tasty meal but if you add too much, you get disaster. You need to know what is the right amount.  If you’re someone who really loves drama, you’re going to bring a lot of it into your relationship, and relationships can get completely ruined because of too much drama.
  • YOU THINK RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING If you think relationships are everything in life, you’re definitely not ready to be in one. Relationships are meant to enhance your life, not BE your life. You need to be a person who’s happy without the need to be in a relationship if you cannot be, then a relationship is not what you nee right now.


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