6 Shocking Effects Of Masturbation No One Tells You About

Masturbation in men is a way of satisfying ones sexual desires by stimulating the sexual organ till climax is achieved. It has become more and more rampant these days, and with the high rate of free pornographic movies online; it all makes it perfect an action to carry out.

With masturbation, one goes into a world of fantasy or waver away in thoughts maybe thinking about his dream girl or something erotic.

However, the act itself could have a few shocking effects no one tells you about in those porn movies. That’s what this article is for.

So here are some effects of masturbation you should know:


Masturbation gets so addictive which could be compared to those who happen to be drug addicts- no difference.

The Energy Drain

If you happen to be a masturbator, you would agree with me on the fact that masturbation is one hell of an energy drainer. All becomes tiring and this is due to the action of pleasurable satisfaction through masturbation. It is more of an energy consumer to be honest than having real sex as this works with unnatural illusions thereby over working the mind to create these illusions and fantasies in creating a perfect picture for the action.

Possible Dysfunction of The Penis

This happens to be one of the major effects of masturbation no one ever speaks off. How it causes dysfunction? Well, you get used to the sensation from pleasuring yourself so much that the real thing doesn’t do it for you anymore.

Premature Ejaculation

This effect happens when due to masturbation; the penal nerve has been over stimulated due to frequent pleasurable encounters with you. When you have a sexual intercourse with a woman, due to the already sensitive and stimulated penal nerve, in no time you get an untimely ejaculation of sperm Forget drugs and herbal medicines, best solution is to quit the act of masturbation.

Kills Your Sex Life

This is in relation to the effect just above this one. It actually leads to a “kill vibe” when it comes to intercourse with the opposite sex (real human). A chronic masturbator hardly gets turned on by girls and does not get to enjoy sex anymore as time goes on but rather prefers the pleasurable encounter with him all alone.

Drowsiness Is Yet Another Effect

Men who masturbate suffer from a lot of drowsiness. It would actually leads to the release of a large quantity of what is called “dopamine” to the human brain which is a major element in stimulating drowsiness in the individual.


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