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10 Sad Songs That Was a Perfect Hit

10 Sad Songs That Was a Hit

We have all found ourselves in that space where sad songs are the only songs that can do it for us.

Here are 10 sad songs that hit differently

“I Guess I Just Feel Like” – John Mayer

John Mayer’s nostalgic single, “I Guess I Just Feel Like,” is basically anode to his talent. Talking about the song on his IG, he wrote

“I spent August and September of last year looking for new songs and couldn’t find them. I was thinking with my ultra-aesthetic brain, trying to write the tune I thought would be cool to have via sequencers, plugins and effects. (That process has worked barely enough times to still make it justifiable.) Then one day in October I decided I’d had just about enough of myself, and that’s always when the good stuff starts. I got two inexpensive microphones, a 1” tape machine and took out my Martin D-45 guitar. “I’m just going to do what I do,” I remember thinking. And then it all clicked again. I wrote most of “I Guess I Just Feel Like” in an hour. It’s great luck that my friend @daniel happened to stop by to take some photos the day this song was written. The moral of the story? Honesty is the best technology. I can’t wait for you to hear it tonight.”

“Shrike” – Hozier

This song talks about living with regret and steering clear of what needs to be said at the moment.

“Hope Is a Dangerous Thing For a Woman Like Me to Have” – Lana Del Rey

This song can best be described as a painfully beautiful and dark piece. Another great sad song.

“GIRL” – Maren Morris

Girl, can be defined as a refreshingly way of one breaking through their insecurities to include the very painful yet necessary mantras one needs to hear and be told before they get back up again. “What you feel is natural / You don’t gotta put up with this anymore / Pick yourself up off the kitchen floor / Tell me what you waitin’ for?”

“Be Alright” – Dean Lewis

Australian singer Dean Lewis did a good number on hearts with this heartfelt song about his struggle to get over an ex who cheated on him. ANother beautiful sad song to check out.

“Dreams” – Solange

This song is part of Solange new When I Get Home. It’s a reminder of the depressing reality of the obstacles that come with fulfilling your dreams—especially for women of color.

“Walking By” – Dido

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This British singer/songwriter is one who has earned her spot as an A-lister and yes, we love Dido. Her album Still on My Mind, after a six-year hiatus feature the piano ballad, “Walking By,” where she talked about an abusive relationship and wishing she never met the person.

“Past Life” – Maggie Rogers

“Past Life” can be described as an amazing example to show just how soft and -striking the vocals of the young singer is. This song will definitely ahve you in your feelings.

“When the Party’s Over” – Billie Eilish

This song “When the Party’s Over” has lyrics like lyrics like, “But nothing is better sometimes / Once we’ve both said our goodbyes / Let’s just let it go / Let me let you go.” An old soul we dare say, amazing song.

“In Vain” – Sigrid

Norwegian singer Sigrid’s did a great job piercing through one’s soul with this song which tells the story of the end of a  relationship. It basically talked about attempting to “fix” one’s partner.


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