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10 Romantic Ideas You Can Try with Your Partner

Do something special for your special someone.


As we grow older, we usually forget the little things that caused us to so devoted to our partners and show less appreciation day by day until the relationship goes sour. Spice up your relations today by carrying out one of these ideas or create one that best suits your partners taste.

Here are 10 romantic ideas you can try with your partner:

Chocolate Delivery


Order good quality heart shaped chocolates to be delivered to your partner during the day. Not only will she enjoy the gifts you sent, she will also receive attention and praise from her colleagues which will make her really happy.

After a Long Day at Work

After a long day at the office, you can prepare a soothing experience for them at home. Pamper them, bath them, dry them and serve them an exquisite dinner on bed. This leaves only warm memories of you in their head.

Playing Their Favorite Song

If you and your partner have a favorite song; a song you’ve come to love together or the song that was playing when you first met, you can take your partner to their concert or have it in a flash drive handy when you go for weekend getaways.

Surprise Gifts

At the least expected time, you can decide to buy your partner a gift to remind them they share a very deep bond with them. This shows your partner you’re not afraid to be spontaneous.

Get Their Pet a Gift

During the holidays, as you get gifts for your partner, if your partner owns a pet, you can get a gift or a treat for the pet. They adore this little kind gesture.

Surprise Picnic

Image result for couple picnic

Plan a surprise picnic for just you and your partner. Ask them to follow you out and at the process, bring a picnic basket and a selection of fruits like; apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries and blueberries, in containers.

Play an Instrument

This applies if you play a musical instrument. Create a romantic scenario and environment to play the instrument for them.

Brush Her Hair

Image result for man brushing woman's hair

You can take your time and pay attention to your partner body. Like if they have long hair, you can help them brush it. This shows them you’re still much interested in them and their body.

Go for a Photo shoot

Out of the blue, organize a professional photo shoot for just both of you as a couple. You can organize it in a mutually selected location or a place you know your partner deeply admires. Remember to make they are at their best to boost confidence and those happy points.

Plant Tree Together

You and your partner can purchase a tree sampling together. Select a very special spot and plant it together on a special day or anniversary. Every year, you can come back to your special spot and reminisce together.


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