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10 Reasons we Love Actress TARAJI P. HENSON

10 Reasons we Love Actress TARAJI P. HENSON

She is a force to be reckoned with and the 47-year-old star has for more than 18 years continued to entertain her fans and garner more.

Here are10 reasons we adore Henson.

1. Taraji is a hustler

The actress work3d her way to snagging a college degree. Taraji, who is a DMV native worked two jobs. She worked as a secretary at the Pentagon in the morning and as a dinner cruise ship supervisor in the evenings.

2. She moved to L.A to pursue her acting dream with her infant son and just $700 in her purse. te actress was determined to make a name for herself.

3. She got to work the minute she arrived. Taraji told People that she was bent on succeeding and steered clear partying and clubbing., “I wasn’t in California to party and go to clubs. I just kept myself immersed in the craft of acting so that when opportunity struck, I would be ready.

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4. She is the queen of clap backs, I mean we need not even explain much, watch her character on Empire.

5. She is an amazing single mom. Taraji began taking care of her son after his father was murdered in 2003. She told Redbook, “I think we try to do our best. And yes, we can do it all, but I wouldn’t wish being a single parent on my worst enemy. It’s not easy.”

6. She slays on the red carpet. I mean we all have seen her on the red carpet, Taraji’ brings it whenever she is on the red carpet.

7. She is not afraid of switching style. From rocking weaves, wig to even chopping off her locks, this actress is one who can easily switch up her style whenever it is required and yes, we love her for this.

8. She is about getting paid what one deserves. Hollywood can be cheap. They love a great performance at a discount price … IF they can get it,” she says. “I always seemed to get respect, as far as work [went]. I just needed to get my money.”

“Now I’ve proven my worth, so I say no a lot. You want a discount price? Get a discount actress,”

9. She has a mental health foundation which she launched in honor of her dad. The foundation is named; Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

10. She is very private about her relationships. It only just came to the fore that she dated Lamar Odom after the basketball star revealed this.


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