10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to be The Best Parent You Can be

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to be The Best Parent You Can be

The onset of parenthood marks the beginning of a new stage in one’s life. At that point, you’re responsible for the life/lives of other individuals and have to make the necessary life adjustments to ensure you’re effective.

While it can seem like an exciting experience, it can also feel intimidating. If you’re a parent or hope to be one someday, here 10 quotes that inspire you to be the best parent you can be:

1. When you hold your baby in your arms the first time, and you think of all the things you can say and do to influence him, it’s a tremendous responsibility. What you do with him can influence not only him, but everyone he meets and not for a day or a month or a year but for time and eternity. – Rose Kennedy

2. Parenting is not giving your child everything they want. Parenting is not being your child’s friend. Parenting is about preparing your child to be a useful and respectful person in society. – GloZell

3. At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. – Jane D. Hull

4. Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth. It is sad that so many parents don’t realize what messages they are sending. – Virginia Satir

5. I’m not a parenting expert. In fact, I’m not sure that I even believe in the idea of ‘parenting experts.’ I’m an engaged, imperfect parent and a passionate researcher. I’m an experienced mapmaker and a stumbling traveler. Like many of you, parenting is by far my boldest and most daring adventure. – Brene Brown

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6. The secret to success, to parenting, to life, is to not count up the cost. Don’t focus on all the steps it will take. Don’t stare into the abyss at the giant leap it will take. That view will keep you from taking the next small step. – Regina Brett

7. There are times as a parent when you realize that your job is not to be the parent you always imagined you’d be, the parent you always wished you had. Your job is to be the parent your child needs, given the particulars of his or her own life and nature. – Ayelet Waldman

8. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. – Frederick Douglass

9. I take parenting incredibly seriously. I want to be there for my kids and help them navigate the world, and develop skills, emotional intelligence, to enjoy life, and I’m lucky to be able to do that and have two healthy, normal boys. – Joan Cusack

10. Becoming a father, I think it inevitably changes your perspective of life. I don’t get nearly enough sleep. And the simplest things in life are completely satisfying. I find you don’t have to do as much, like you don’t go on as many outings. – Hugh Jackman

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