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10 Pointers Nervous Flyers You Should Take Note of

Are you a nervous flyer? Here are some tips that could help ease the anxiety on the next flight

10 Pointers Nervous Flyers You Should Take Note of

For some people, flying is just a fast means of getting from one country to another. For others, it feels like a mini-war every time they’re 50 feet off the ground.

If the bumps on your flight make you anxious or sick to your stomach, you should follow a few of these tips  Try them and you may soon find yourself looking forward to your next flight.

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  1. Be prepared: Pack completely the night before so that you can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about last-minute details. Get to the airport earlier so you aren’t stressed out about time.
  2. Get comfortable: Once you board the plane, do your best to get comfortable immediately. Whatever makes you comfortable and is an acceptable rule in the aeroplane, please do it and then try to relax.
  3. Sleep: Consider taking sleeping medicine(prescribed by your doctor) that may help you sleep. At least, If you’re sleeping, you can’t be nervous!
  4. Fly during the day: If it is possible to book your flight during the day, do it. It is less stressful because the feeling of being closed in is lessened, which tends to be worse in the blackness of night.
  5. Distract yourself: If takeoffs are what causes you the most anxiety, find something good to play, something with a calming effect. Then turn it up loud enough to drown out surrounding noise or play a game on your device that requires a timer so that you can’t look away and don’t even notice the takeoff.
  6. Rationalize: Think about the fact that all the flight attendants in the plane fly nearly every day, and they are all perfectly fine.
  7. Eat mints or chew gum: Sometimes the coolness and freshness of mints, mint gum, mint tea, can help relieve some or any nausea. Chewing gum can also be a big help, but you should avoid sugar-free gum, which can upset your stomach.
  8. Ginger is key: If you are prone to motion sickness, drink ginger ale or eat ginger itself to soothe your stomach before or during the flight.
  9. Find a fixed point: If the takeoff, landing, or plane ride is bumpy, keep your eyes on the horizon so that you’re focused on a fixed point.
  10. Breathe: Breathing deeply helps to relax the muscles that tend to contract when you’re feeling sick. So take in deep breaths. once, twice or as long as you need to feel calm.


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