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10 Omoni Oboli Movies That Will Glue you to Your TV

She needs little or no introduction in the Nigerian movie scene and since her emergence on the scene years ago, Omoni has gone on to star in hit movies as well as produce a couple.

This multi-award winning actress, scriptwriter, director and producer, trained as a digital filmmaker at the New York Film Academy. Omoni has the following screenplays to her credit: ‘Fatal Imagination’, ‘Being Mrs Elliott’, ‘The First Lady’ and ‘Wives to mention a few.

This mom of three boys has also gone to snag a couple of awards to include the ”award for Best Actress – Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, and the award for Best Actress at the Harlem International Film Festival. Omoni was nominated for the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the 2011 Africa Movie Academy Awards. In 2014, Omoni won Big Screen Actress of the Year award, at the 2014 ELOY Awards, for her movie Being Mrs Elliott. In 2015, Omoni was awarded the Sun Nollywood personality of the year. ”

Omoni who joined the movie world in 1996, spoe on her first audition in an interview saying;

Auditions, when I first started in 1996, were real hustles. You go for the auditions with nothing more than the passion for the art and a lot of hope that you’ll be the one they wanted to pick. I didn’t go to an audition with any expectations to get the lead role or r supporting role. I simply wanted to be in a movie, period. Thankfully, my very first audition was for the movie, ‘Not My Will’, produced by Fidelis Duker, and I got the lead role. In those days, there was no cellphone. After the auditions you all leave and come back another day to look at the board where they pasted the results of the auditions, to see those who were selected and for what roles. It was just like looking at JAMB results! It was fun though.

On how far she can go for art, she stated that;

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I’m  willing to push myself very far  end for the art the best way I can. I want my performances to present the most believable characters audiences the world over can relate to. I want them to get lost in the movie. I don’t want them to get distracted from the storyline of the movie because of my lackluster performance. God forbid! But there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, no matter what, ‘for the sake of the art’. When you make me believe something without actually doing it, it’s magical, and that’s the art I would love to portray. You don’t kill someone in a movie so that your audience can believe the character died, can you?

Here are 10 movies by this amazing actress we absolutely love.

The Figurine (2007)
Guilty Pleasure (2009)
Bursting Out (2010)
Anchor Baby (2010)
Being Mrs Elliot (2014)
Fifty (2015)
Spotlight (2015)
The Duplex (2015)
Okafor’s Law (2016)
Mom’s At War (2018)


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