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10 of the Most Underrated Cities in Nigeria

Check out the most underrated cities in Nigeria.

 Nigeria is a place full of surprises and unusual sights, it is a vast and beautiful land with peoples of different yet similar cultures.
Her landscapes vary from deep forests to savannas and present a wide range of exploration prospects for the interested. Here are 10 underrated places you should visit.
  • Take a tour of Enugu: This used to be the coal capital of Nigeria, with vast heaps that were mined before the depreciation of the coal market worldwide. Enugu is a quiet city that is full of marvellous places for the adventurous to not only visit but to explore. From Ngwo Pine Forest, Udi Hills and the sacred Ani Ozalla Lake to the Silicon Hill, you get a feel of the colourful local people and a taste of its street foods.
  • Walk in the steps of the Colonials at Lokoja: Lokoja once played host to several colonial companies and peoples, with evidence of their presence in the stately homes, warehouses, offices and even monuments to the people that colonised the country.
  • Lose yourself in the seven hills of Ibadan: This is a historical city of many firsts, it has the first university, first teaching hospital, first high-rise building and first television station. Ibadan is located on seven hills, from which a view of the whole city can be seen. You can visit the University of Ibadan Zoological Gardens, hang out at Agodi Gardens, eat amala, check out Bower’s Tower, take in the beautiful sight of River Ona or simply visit the local markets.
  • Visit Ife: Another southwestern state with a history as old as the Yoruba race is Ife. It is a paradise for people seeking some quiet, away from the chaos of the city. You can visit the Ooni of Ife’s  Palace and explore the Ife Museum.
  • Uncover the City of Benin: The Benin Kingdom is one of the oldest in Nigeria and it has managed to retain its classical elegance. You can visit the Benin King’s Palace, with its collection of bronze heads, arts and shrines, also visit the Benin Walls.
  • Take a ride around Kwara: Kwara is a state worth exploring although it is mostly overlooked by tourists. It is on the northernmost part of the southwest and has such historical edifices, like the location of the Esie soapstone images. You can also visit Patigi Beach, the Owe Kajita Falls, and Ahoyaya Falls.
  • Marvel at Abuja: Abuja which is the capital of Nigeria is seen more as the government centre of Nigeria than a city with beautiful sights. Aside from its beautiful parks, the city has other landmarks that allow for a chance to bask in nature, like the Zuma Rock and Aso Rock
  • Discover the northern spirit of Kaduna: Kaduna which is in the northern part of the country is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, particularly with its combination of both old and new architecture. Some of its sites are the Lugard Footbridge, Kaduna Museum, Kajuru Castle, Kamuku National Park, Emir of Zazzau Palace, the Nok Village, Martsiga Waterfall, St Batholomew Church.
  • Take a boat trip down Kainji Lake: Kainji Lake, in western Nigeria, is a reservoir on the Niger River, formed by the Kainji Dam. It surrounds Kainji National Park and is Nigeria’s oldest park.
  • Experience a different climate at Jos: The Nok People are known for being Jos’ original settlers, they are said to have vanished under mysterious circumstances in the late first millennium, but left behind their beautiful works of art. Being the geographical centre of Nigeria, Jos enjoys the balmiest climate in the country.

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