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10 of The Best Street Foods in Lagos

Lagos has an array of street foods that you can choose from. These are our top 10 picks


With their ever-developing tastes and the increase of available culinary choices, Nigerian foodies no longer need to choose between luxury and necessity. Street food is basically what is needed for basic sustenance with the whole hustle and bustle.

Lagos has our backs as there is a whole array of them to choose from. These foods are easily accessible and they are both easy on the appetite and pocket.

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  • AKARA: Ask the average Lagosian and they’ll let you know that it is the breakfast of champions. Women can be found in nooks and crannies with their pans of oil, which give off delicious aromas that beckon to you with their sizzling goodness.
  • PUFF-PUFF: This is the king of finger food and they have a very special place in the hearts of Lagosians and Nigerians. It is an important staple at weddings, anniversaries or any occasion for that matter.
  • BOLI: This is roasted plantain which is the go-to street snack for hungry people on the move. It can be eaten with roasted groundnuts or fish depending on the location of the country you are in.
  • KILISHI: This delight originates from the Northern parts, instead of being spiced, roasted and skewered like Suya, the meat is soaked so it easily separates from the bone, before being cut into razor-thin slices and sun-dried.
  • DAMBU: If you do not know Dambu, you probably have not mixed with the Northerners living in Lagos. ‘Dambu’ is the usage of traditional spiced meat and chicken, grounded down until the fluffy shreds can be scooped into easy handfuls. They then, first of all, melt before solidifying in your mouth.
  • ROASTED CORN: This seasonal street food hits the country during the rainy season and it goes well with pears or coconut. If you are not a fan of the charcoal, you can go for the boiled version.
  • FRIED YAM: Nearly every street in Lagos has a woman that fries yam and potato with pomo and sauce in the evenings. There is nothing more Lagosian than these wrapped in old newspaper.
  • EWA-AGOYIN: Although originally brought by Togolese women, this staple has been embraced and adapted into Nigeria. The beans with a combination of pepper stew, tomatoes and onions can make your tastes bud water.
  • ABACHA: Not to be confused with the name of a past President, this feast from the East is also referred to as African salad. Abacha will mostly agree with your stomach.


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