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10 Obvious Signs That You Are Self-dating

Some of you are dating yourself but you cannot see it. Here are 10 signs I can show you.

10 Obvious Signs That You Are Self-dating

I’m sure you are wondering what self-dating is. Well, it basically means you are dating yourself or you are the only one in whatever relationship is supposed to be on-going.

Sometimes, it takes a second party to view these things and come to a logical conclusion, so, consider me the second party as I tell you the obvious signs that you are self-dating or in a one-sided relationship.

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  1. They Rarely Contact You: See, If you’ve been waiting for days to hear from your partner, please just consider the option that they’re losing interest in the relationship and have other priorities on their mind. If your babe or bobo never texts you or rarely replies to your messages, I think it is safe to say that you are the only one remaining in the relationship.
  2. You Feel Like You Annoy Them When You Contact them: Let us say you did not get the memo in number 1 and you’ve sent them messages and they haven’t responded or they’ve replied with one-liner but you want to be the good person and you keep the conversation going only for them to respond like you are annoying them. Please, you are self-dating. You are officially an item by yourself.
  3. They’re Not Excited About Making Plans: If you’re the only one making plans and organising things, it’s a major sign you’re in a one-sided relationship. You both should be excited about seeing each other and both of you in the relationship should make an effort to make plans to meet up and hang out or go on dates.
  4. They Prefer To Work/Hang Out With Friends Than See You: Yes, I agree that your partner has to work and make a living but if they choose to work overtime and put their income before you at all times, then there is a big problem and that is not fair on you emotionally. And then when they decide to hang out, they prefer to do it with their friends instead of spending any time with you. Please, you’re definitely dating yourself and you should reassess your situation asap.
  5. You Constantly Worry About The Relationship: If you’re constantly worrying and concerned about your relationship due to it being one-sided, then you need to talk to your partner about it and think about whether you’d be better off single. A relationship that you are constantly worried about is not a relationship abeg.
  6. They’ve Stopped Caring Completely: The relationship has become one-sided when they’ve completely stopped caring about you, which is very painful to realise but if that is the case then you should have a conversation about it and ask them if they’re really willing to make this relationship work or you walk. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who cares so much about you.
  7. They Take You For Granted: You see how they don’t make plans, don’t make an effort with you and don’t bother contacting you, that is the real definition of taking you for granted aka See Finish. This constant treatment as if you are a friend or a mate who will put up with their crap and nonsense should not be accepted unless of course, you are okay with dating yourself.
  8. You Feel Like An Obligation: Instead of genuinely wanting to spend time with you, it feels like they spend time with you because they’re obligated to, just to keep you happy or to fulfil all righteousness. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a chore to spend time with the other, you should be a priority and not an obligation.
  9. They’re Not Interested In Your Life:  See eh,if you have a partner under the glare of the sun that does not ask questions about your life and what you’re doing or working on, is not interested in important aspects of your life including work, family and friends, who does not know anything that’s going on in your life etc. I am here to tell you that you do not have a partner. You are not dating anybody or in a relationship. You are very single.
  10. They’re Not There For You Emotionally: One thing that makes dating a joy on its own is how you can call your partner when you’ve had a bad day or you’re feeling down. If you do not have that with your partner or have an emotionally unstable or absent one, you should probably realise now that you have been sitting on wet cement.


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