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10 ‘Musts’ That Should Happen in Every Relationship

Ten things that you must apply to your relationship.

Arguments and how healthy couples handle them smoothly in their relationship. Find out here

Relationships are hard, especially long-term relationships even if you know you are perfect for each other and want to be with no one else. If you want your relationship to last, you need to be able to get through the boring days, the hard days and the sad days because that is how life is and it goes on.

Here are 10 Musts that should occur in every relationship.

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  1. PURSUE YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Being in a relationship with that person is a choice you make every day. Always stop and think before starting an argument and see if it is truly the issue or if either of you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. When you communicate, make sure you see it from the other person’s point of view as well as yours.
  2. YOU ARE BOTH DIFFERENT AND THAT IS OKAY: Every person is different with their own strength and weaknesses. You have to learn how to communicate and relate to someone different than you. That is what relationships are all about. You get to learn how to relate to someone different than you.
  3. BE ON THE SAME PAGE REGARDING FINANCE: You definitely must agree on money to have a successful relationship. You and your partner will probably like to spend money on different things and that is okay as long as you both have a goal in mind.
  4. WORK ON SOMETHING TOGETHER: You need to have something in common such as a goal, hobby or even a side hustle. Something that makes you a team, something that you both can relate on.
  5. BE LOYAL: Loyalty is a big part of a relationship and there is a high amount of it that is needed in healthy relationships. It is the ability to trust the other person and know that they will always think of you before making decisions. It is important that each person feel they are part of a team and that neither would go behind each other’s backs.
  6. MAKE YOUR PARTNER’S VIEWPOINT FIRST: When you say their point of view first, then it won’t feel like you are attacking them. It will result in a completely different mood and response.
  7. OFFER SOLUTIONS: It is very important to always address an issue as a couple and in addition to remembering to address the behaviour or situation instead of the person, also give solutions.
  8. YOU, YOUR PARTNER VS THE PROBLEM: One of the most important steps to take in changing how you fight is to change your mindset. You both are a team. If a problem arises, it is both of you vs the problem. It’s not a who wins the argument. It is a discussion for both of you to offer solutions.
  9. HALT: HALT stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. If you can put whatever is going on with either of you on the “HALT scale” you could save yourselves an argument.
  10. LEARN EACH OTHER’S LOVE LANGUAGE: There is nothing worse than spending a lot of time and effort trying to do something nice for someone and them not appreciating it at all. Learning love languages gives you a whole new perspective on how to show love and be intentional on appreciating each other.


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