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10 Must Have Accessories for Men

Every Male should jump on this.

10 Must Have Accessories for Men

A man’s whole fashion style is judged on his choice of accessories and the actual clothes on his back. ‘Accessories’ is not a feminine word, it’s equally important to and for men.  Accessories do magic in making a dull and simple outfit look more stylish and elegant.

People will get more attracted to a man with a classy tie, an elegant timepiece and a decent belt. There are many accessories that men are copping right now and picking your accessories correctly will add tones of weight to your style game. Without plenty talk, here is a list of top 10 accessories you should definitely invest in.

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  1.  Watch: This hand accessory was the only one in which men could invest in but we have fashion rings for Men now. The watch is one thing that people notice whether consciously or unconsciously, but it does definitely get noticed. So let it be worth it by making it an exceptional timepiece.
  2. Tie: Neckties are available in a variation of colours, sizes, designs, materials and even styles. You have to go for the right one according to your outfit and the colour combination as the wrong choice can put a dent on your looks.
  3. Wallet: How some men function without a wallet is beyond me. What holds all your documents and money? Please own a good wallet and make sure it’s kept neat and tidy with only the essential stuff stored in it and the extras removed.
  4.  Bags: Just in case you are living under a rock, let me inform you that Men now carry bags. Yes, it is fashionable now. So get yourself one that holds enough stuff needed, without worrying about carrying a lot in your hand. Let it be your best companion
  5. Socks: Socks! Socks!! Socks!!! are things which get noticed unconsciously, but plays a very important role in your entire corporate look.
  6.  Scarf: Bro I have to tell you that scarves are here for you and you should invest in high-quality scarves especially during this rainy season to keep you warm as well as look stylish. Nowadays it is a huge style statement.
  7. Belt: A high-quality leather belt completes the formal look and it can last you for a pretty long time.
  8.  Hat / Caps: You should have an h’attitude and show off. Find one hat that matches your outfit and simply flaunt your style.
  9. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are the ish especially if there is a beard done well and a good haircut in place. They are not only fashionable, they actually protect your eyes.
  10. Deodorant/Perfume: Please invest in this but don’t wear a very strong smell or a very light one. Find the perfect one and you are all set!



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