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10 Movies by Stella Damasus that we Absolutely Love

10 Movies by Stella Damasus that we Absolutely Love

She is a force to reckon with in the Nigerian movie industry and proved her worth with the movies churned out before she relocated to the USA with her family.

Stella in an interview revealed the first time she told her parents she wanted to be an actor.

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The first time my mother heard I was going into acting, she summoned a family meeting.
Funny enough my mother used to be opera singer. She used to sing and act in school. Those days their generation was different from ours. She was always complaining about the vices in today’s girls. The first time she heard I was going into acting, there was a family meeting (general laughter). They said I must do law. I actually did a diploma course in UNILAG. I studied business and industrial law. I looked at myself and told myself that I wasn’t cut out for law.

I just wanted to be an entertainer and I told my father. He made me promise him that I must not disappoint him and return home a failure. He told me to do it for the right reason. At that time parents would never allow their kids go into acting, it didn’t carry the respect like it carries now. People have the impression that once you go into acting you’ll be wayward and do drugs. Failure meant, don’t let me hear that you got pregnant or get into drugs. I’ve never been a wayward child and that instilled fear that I must not mess things up because I wanted my parents to be proud of me.

Here are 10 movies by the actress that will keep you spellbound for a long time.

The Widow

Two Brides And A Baby

Affairs Of The Heart

Bent Arrows

Four Sisters

Games Women Play

The Bridesmaid

Dangerous Twins

Betrayed By Love

Never Say Goodbye

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