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10 More Weird And Interesting Facts About Ancient Civilizations That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

10 More Weird And Interesting Facts About Ancient Civilizations That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

The people of the past were a special kind of people. They had practices and customs that were completely different and sometimes similar to the things we do today.

In a previous post similar to this (see it here), we looked at some facts about ancient civilizations that will blow your mind. Here are even more of such facts below

1. The middle finger originated in Ancient Greece.

2. Ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun, commonly known as King Tut, died when he was only 18. Some research suggest that he died from a genetic disease due to the fact that his parents were brother and sister.

3. However, King Tut’s body didn’t include a heart or chest wall, which contradicts typical Egyptian embalming practices. As a result, other researchers believe he died from a horrific injury, possibly eaten by a hippo.

4. According to the ancient biographer Suetonius, the Roman emperor Tiberius was a depraved paedophile. The biographer claims Tiberius would arrange for secret orgies and would make underage children perform fellatio on him.

5. The ancient Egyptians held dwarves in high regard and believed they possessed divine powers. Dwarves held the highest social positions and were employed as cup bearers, tailors and entertainers and some even held official positions.

6. Pepi II of Egypt had a bizzare way of keeping flies from landing on him. He would surround himself with slaves whose bodies were smeared with honey.

7. Traces of nicotine and cocaine were found in Egyptian mummies.

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8. Ancient Mayans made their children’s heads to look like ears of corn. They were obsessed with corn and they believed that humans were actually made from it.

9. The ancient Egyptians had a strange way of treating blindness. They would pour mashed-up pig’s eye into the patient’s ear. Unfortunately for the poor souls who received this treatment, their ears only got messy as the treatment didn’t work.

10. After making a decision, ancient Persians would drink to excess and know that they had made the right decision if they still felt the same way after getting drunk.

11. In 1992, massive man-made caves were found in China by a man who was trying to drain a deep pond. The ancient Longyou Caves date back to 200 B.C and are still a complete mystery. No one knows who built them or why they were made.

12. The ancient Greeks invented spiked dog collars. They would wear these spiked collars on sheepdogs to protect them from wolf bites as they defended flock of sheep.

13. Discovered in 1994, the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is the world’s oldest temple at over 11,500 years old.

14. The world’s earliest governmental health care plan was documented in Ancient Egypt. In those times, men who went to work could take a paid sick day or receive free health checkup.

15. The ancient Greeks used to go to the gym naked. In fact, the word “gymnasium” means “school for naked exercise.” Common now, you know you can’t try this at modern gyms.

Which of these facts made you think “WTF!” and which ones impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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