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10 More Signs That Shows Your Partner is a Cheater

Dear Brothers and Sister, don’t sleep on this o. Read this post.

Reasons Why REAL MEN Never Cheat

The last post on Cheating can be found here and I know ten signs might seem like they are enough but I have more so you’ll also have more.

Finding yourself in a position of being cheated on just because of some callous actions of your partner is not a good look so you should have 10 more signs to help if you are being cheated on.

  1. They act secretive about their finances now: If you notice that you do not talk about money any longer, it might be a strong indicator that they are hiding something. It may be that they are broke or it might just be your partner trying so desperately to hide all of the financial activity that they have been partaking in so as to cover their tracks.
  2. They use their phone a lot more than they used to: If He or She is constantly on their phone these days like constantly texting someone or you suddenly notice them with their phone all the time. Be careful.
  3. They hang out with everyone else except you: Instead of hanging out with you, they hang out with everyone else on different days. This should be a cause for concern because it could indicate that he is no longer into the idea of being in a relationship with you anymore.
  4. They have a sudden and drastic change in schedules: If you notice that their schedule has drastically changed all of a sudden and you somehow do not fit into it again, it’s probably because they are spending a lot of his time with someone else at this point.
  5. They never tell you what they’re doing when they’re not with you: Whenever you ask them about what they do whenever they hang out without you, they don’t really seem interested in answering you. It’s either you can tell that they’re lying to you, or they just straight-up refuse to engage in a conversation with you.
  6. They don’t invite you out to hang out with other people: You suddenly realise that you two never go out for parties or gatherings as a couple anymore and it might just be because they know that you’re going to bump into someone who they don’t want you to bump into.
  7. They are always irritable and tense: They really don’t act like they’re still happy in the relationship or express any joy or elation at the idea of being with you. It might seem really off because they just always acting as if they don’t want to have anything to do with you.
  8. They tell you there is someone else: Very few people have the balls to just come right out to tell you that they are already seeing another person which then lets you know that things are practically over between the two of you.

After all, said and done, getting cheated on is always going to be terrible. There is just an intrinsically different kind of pain that comes with getting cheated on by someone you supposedly love.


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