10 Life Struggles Only Tall People Will Understand

Being a tall person comes with a lot of benefits, as well as being short

Being a tall person comes with a lot of benefits, as well as being short. While taller people have no problems reaching high places on shelves and meeting height restrictions, shorter people get to find more clothes in their size and of course, always have more leg room.

However, most people tend to always point out the disadvantages of not being tall. We sometimes forget that being tall comes with its own life struggles. Just in case you are wondering what I mean, here are 10 life struggles only tall people will understand.

  1. Shirt Sleeves are Never Long Enough

There are a lot of beautiful shirts, sweaters, jackets and dresses out there but I can’t always buy them. Why? Because the sleeves are always some inches short of my wrist.

  1. Trousers are Never Long Enough Either

So I find that perfect color of jean or pant trouser I’ve been looking for, just in the right waist size too. But then I try it on and booom! Its end is quite a distance from my ankles. Like some Michael Jackson sturvs.

  1. Feet Sticking Out At The End Of The Bed

If you are tall like me, you gotta forget about sleeping on bunk beds. Sometimes, even full sized beds do not seem to be able to contain my length. I use a double-king sized bed now – okay I don’t but that’s the only bed I can sleep on without lying diagonally or curled up.

  1. Other People Walk Too Slow

Due to my height advantage, walking requires me to take bigger steps. However, when I’m walking with other people, I always hear complaints that I walk too fast, even when I’m at my slow pace. Blame the legs people!

  1. No Mirror Selfies For Me

Yes, due to the fact that I’m always taller than the mirror. Even when I’m not, there isn’t a bathroom mirror that’ll cover me for a full body length selfie. It’s just not fair.

  1. Bathtubs Not Long Enough too

A traditional bathtub doesn’t cut it for me. I always have to fold my knees a little or just scrunch my legs up when bathing with it. I’ve given up on that sha. Showers only for me now. *sigh* And, in fact, sometimes when I visit one of my uncles – I won’t call names – my head touches their shower head too. Real mattas oh.

  1. Ankle Socks Automatically turn to Baby-Sized Socks

Well, tall people all over the world know what I’m talking about here. Try rocking that same ankle sock everyone has and it seems to be a struggle to get it up to your heels sef.

  1. Hitting Your Head On Everything

Absolutely everything oh guys. From doorways to signboards, house decorations to tree branches, I always need to duck when passing through places.

  1. No Leg Room Anywhere

Once you are tall, forget about ample leg room. It’s gonna be leg cramps everywhere guys. From inside buses to sitting in the classroom and offices, your long legs will most likely not have enough room to stretch out or even cross sef.

  1. Literally Standing Out In Crowds

You see all those movies where the actor runs into a crowd of people and just blends in/disappears in the crowd? Well, you can forget about doing that now if you are tall. Just because you will be taller than everyone else in the crowd, you’d be quite easy to spot. The taller you are, the more noticeable you’d be in a crowd of people.

See? Short people do not have to worry about any of these struggles. They may not look so bad, but believe me, they can be as frustrating as it comes. Just always keep in mind that there is ability in every disability. Whether you are short or tall, the world is absolutely yours for the taking.

As for the tall folks? Abeg ehn, tell me you understand what I have been saying in this article. How many of these struggles do you face every day?

P.S: I’m 6’2.


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