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10 hot facts of one of the most talked about actresses of 2019, Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, who is one of the most talked about actresses of 2019, has had an explosive career spanning over two decades. She broke into the music industry with a admirable drive for dancing and passion to succeed. Today she is worth millions of dollars and has managed to remain relevant in a competitive industry.

Here are 10 facts you might not know about the “Hustlers” actress.

1. Jennifer Lopez’s full name is Jennifer Lynn Lopez and she was born in the Bronx, on Blackrock Avenue. Speaking on growing up in the Bronx, she said:

“I think, growing up in the Bronx, there’s a little bit of a, you know, urban-gangster quality. That “Jenny From the Block” side. With my Timberlands and my hoops. ‘Cause we came from such a hard kind of background in that way. Growing up on those types of streets, I used to see girls fighting. I grew up with that. And it affects you. It makes you a little bit of a tough, badass type character. When I went to L.A., everybody seemed so soft.”

2. She had no intentions of going to college. Instead, she had bigger dreams of dancing full-time. Her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, was not so supportive about her decision to dance so she moved to Manhattan on her own when she was 18. She learned how to dance there sometimes sleeping on the sofa in the dance studio.

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3. Lopez has always been close to her mother even though they had their differences. She credits her mum for giving her sound advice: “If you work hard, you can achieve anything,” Lopez comments, “And it’s true. It’s one of the truest things ever.”

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4. She has always had a thing for personal fitness and health. She was nicknamed “La Guitarra” due to her voluptuous curves which resemble those of a guitar.

5. Lopez is so health-conscious that she does not indulge in drinking, smoking, alcohol, and sugar. She believes this helps her to keep her youthful appearance. Indeed, Lopez does not age!

6. She is a firm believer in the benefits of a full night’s worth of sleep. According to her, she tries to get up to nine to ten hours of sleep every night. And if she can’t get this amount of sleep, she makes sure she gets nothing less than seven to eight hours of sleep.

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7. Lopez has revealed she practices 20 minutes a day of meditation to help her feel more in control.

8. Early on in her career, she was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. You can catch a glimpse of her dancing in Jackson’s music video for “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

9. She has been voted as FHM’s “Sexiest Woman in the World” twice; she’s the only woman to win the title twice.

10. And last but not the least. Lope’z backside is insured for a whopping $27 million!

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