10 Habits of Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships

What promotes a strong, healthy and romantic relationship differs from couple to couple due to the differences in which the relationship is being nurtured. It takes a lot of rigorous efforts before trust can be built in a relationship. Below are few habits to cultivate while trying to create, maintain and enhance a strong, healthy and romantic union.

1. Communication

Communication plays a very vital role in a relationship. Most unsuccessful relationships are majorly caused by lack of communication between couples. Communication helps to verify and correct errs which some couples fail to realize most times. When couples communicate properly, they iron out issues together, they discuss on how to promote their relationship and try to know more about themselves; likes and dislikes, etc and even when they happen to have a little misunderstanding, they tend to resolve it within themselves better. Couples with good communication skills often compliments themselves and show love to one another in order to express their feelings. Unfortunately, not all couples cultivate this habit. Communication helps to promote love, peace, strong and finally a healthy relationship.

2. Respect

Respecting your partner also promotes a healthy relationship. You should show your partner some respect as well as his family too. Do not talk bad about your partner’s family as this may result into a misunderstanding. In order to maintain a peaceful relationship, you must be ready to respect your partner’s behaviour, trust, believe, family and time. A relationship can be destroyed due to lack of trust and saying negative things.

3. Quality Time, Not Quantity

Spending quantity of time with your partner is not enough as spending quality of time. When you spend quality of time with your partner, you sacrifice enough time to gist, watch movies, eat and drink as well as going on an outing with your partner. Spending quality of time with your partner helps to promote love and a healthy relationship. If you are the busy type, try to sacrifice little time for your partner.

4. Time Apart

Having to spend time with your partner is really important for a strong relationship but spending so much time can also be unhealthy. Spending time apart is as well important in order to remain independent and to be able to fend for yourself when the need arises

5. Love Languages

Telling your partner what you adore and love helps to promote a strong bond between the two of you. You should as well know your partner’s love language and be ready to reply it at the required time. Everyone has his\her unique ways of feeling loved. You should show a lot of concern for what your partner loves in order to maintain a good relationship.

6. Appreciation

People tend to forget to appreciate others for what they have done for them. You should try as much as possible to appreciate your partner. You can show your appreciation in several ways such as; showing kindness, buying flowers or cards, etc. When you show appreciation, your partner feels loved and appreciated wholeheartedly.

7. Positive Vs. Negative

One of the causes of an unhealthy relationship is when you keep dwelling on the negative qualities of your partner. When you dwell on your partner’s negative qualities, you see nothing or amazing in your partner. No one is perfect, so you shouldn’t expect your partner to be. Always try to look at your partner’s positive qualities. We get caught up in the negative some times.

8. No Comparisons

We often like to compare our lives with that of others which shouldn’t be so. To maintain a healthy relationship, you should learn not to compare your relationship with that of others. Several relationships you see online are not as successful as they seem to be, so don’t depend on social media to tell how successful your relationship is.


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