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10 Funke Akindele Movies We Can Not Get Enough Of

10 Funke Akindele Movies We Can Not Get Enough Of

She is an unrivaled a-Lister in Nollywood and since her emergence on the scene, the star actress has gone on to churn out amazing movies as well as feature in the. Funke has garnered major fans with both her Yoruba and English movies and has continued to break barriers with her amazing talent.

On how she gets her inspiration, the mom of two said;

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I draw inspirations from things happening around me. I could have an idea and when I am in the bathroom taking a shower, I develop it. Later on, maybe during a massage, I could give the concept a deeper thought. Someone said something about we Africans telling the African story in an African way and it hit me that it has been a while I have done a Yoruba movie.

I would love to do a movie that revolves around the Ifa Oracle and a lady consulting on behalf of people. She would have children that can interpret what the oracle is saying. I am thinking of playing the character but I would be married to a white man. That would be my way of telling an African story, but with a twist. If they see that kind of movie in Hollywood they would be curious and want to know what the oracle is about and why I am married to a white man. Things around me trigger my creativity.

Funke who studied law in school revealed in an interview she did so just to please her dad.

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I actually studied law because my father wanted me to be a lawyer. I remember that when I was a kid, if I asked my father for money for new clothes, he would tell me that he did not have money for such. He was the Principal of my secondary school. But whenever I lied to him that I had a list of books I needed to buy, he always gave me the money immediately and trust me, I would not buy all the books. I would collect some of them from my friends who had graduated and keep the rest of the money. I just wanted to become an actress because I loved it so much. Entertaining people is a God-given talent. I studied law because of my father but who knows what tomorrow holds, I could later decide to practice as a lawyer.

But for now, I am concerned with my school of drama because I have to bring up new talents.I am also going into television production and working on an animation series for Jenifa.

Here are 10 movies by her everyone should definitely watch over and over again.


Ojo Ketala

White Hunters

Pretty Liars

Asiri Nla

Married but Living Single

Final Whistle 1 and 2



Heart of a Twin



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