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10 Fun Things That You Can do in Nigeria

Wanting to know fun things that you can do in Nigeria? Here are 10 of them.

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From stopping at a local buka to fill your cravings to special recreational experiences such as going to the Carnival in Calabar, there’s an incredible variety of things to see and do as you travel around Nigeria.

Here are 10 of the best things that you can do in Naija.

  1. Be on the Creative Scenes: Nigeria’s creative scene is wide and very infectious. There’s always something going on that would inspire you and there are many places for you to relish in this creativity, including book clubs, open mic nights and music clubs. There are places that gather creatives from different spheres of life to enjoy the beauty of creating art which includes music, spoken word performances and plays.

  2. Shop at the Traditional Markets: In Nigeria, the traditional markets here offer a combination of great deals, great products, adventure, excitement and of course sweat and dirt. You can shop for practically any type of item in the traditional markets. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, these are great places to just window shop and to watch the local traders in action.

  3. Visit the Museums: Although the museums in Nigeria are experiencing a dying culture, they still hold a wealth of historical knowledge and some captivating pieces of art. You can see everything ranging from artifacts to the Nok sculptures and sophisticated artworks.

  4. Enjoy the Resorts: La Campagne Tropicana, Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort and the Obudu Mountain Resort, are some of the resorts to visit in Nigeria. These resorts present fantastic encounters with tradition, arts and languages. They have beautiful landscapes as well as all the things you would normally expect from a modern resort.

  5. Revel in Art: Nigerian galleries combine aesthetic excellence with a deep sense of the value of these endeavours. Renowned galleries such as Nike Art Centre, Omenka and Hourglass have rows and rows of artworks on display. It is also possible to see some pieces of street art as you are exploring the country.

  6. Check out Bukas and Joints: If you want to experience traditional Nigerian food the local way, then you should visit a buka also known as mama put. You can enjoy the famous jollof rice and a wide variety of other specially prepared kinds of rice, to swallows and soups to local snacks such as moi moi (bean cakes). How to spot them is to be on the lookout for small shacks with curtains in their doorways and wooden benches with big steel cooking pots outside.

  7. Climb the Magical Idanre Hills: These mystic hills are situated in the ancient town of Idanre, at the heart of what is now known as Akure, the capital city of Ondo State. You’ll have to climb up the 667 steps to see the highest peak which reveals carefully preserved signs of early habitation and civilisation, including a school and a palace courtyard.

  8. Go to Calabar Carnival: The world-famous Calabar Carnival is an annual event that takes place in the beautiful city of Calabar in Cross Rivers State. It usually happens at the end of the year and is one of Nigeria’s biggest tourist events, as millions of people converge to attend the array of programmes it has to offer.

  9. Collect Artsy Decor and Souvenirs: The Jakande Market in Lekki, Lagos, and the Arts and Craft village in Maitama, Abuja are two great locations in Nigeria to check out if you’re looking to buy distinctly and intricately designed artworks, craftwork and fabrics. These markets offer an impressive selection in carvings.

  10. Visit Ikogosi Warm Springs: This is one of the most astounding creations of nature in the world. The warm spring flows down a hill, right next to a cold spring, after which they meet at a conflux and continue their journey into a river.



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